While getting everyone on the dance floor is the end goal for David Fox, owner and professional DJ at Bunn DJ Company – Charleston, what sets them apart is customer service.


“It seems like an obvious thing in a service-based business, but customer service is truly what sets us apart,” said David. “Our DJs are all OCD. We make sure we have all the information and do things correctly. We want each client to feel their event is important.”


And they have the experience to stand behind that commitment. As a team of 10 that executes more than 300 weddings per year, each individual client experience is extremely important.


“We are incredibly responsive. Each couple knows their exact DJ from the beginning so they can begin to develop a more personal relationship. This allows us to get to know the client better, which then allows us to do our job more effectively,” he said.


While every DJ has access to the same music, this level of detail (and experience!) is why couples keep coming back to the well-established brand. 


“Our couples understand the importance of entertainment and don’t want to leave anything to chance,” said David. “Our style is fun but professional. We are there to ensure a great time for everyone and keep things moving.”


This level of professionalism means you can count on the Bunn DJ team to never be the “show stealing DJ”, which puts couple’s worries to rest. 


For David, the path to starting Bunn DJ Company – Charleston began in college. He DJ’ed around campus at North Carolina State University including sorority and fraternity parties, before moving to bars and clubs in the area which is where he met Joe Bunn. 


“I DJ’ed throughout college and law school. When I graduated in 2010, I didn’t want to do bars/clubs anymore. I ran in to Joe again and began DJ’ing for him in Raleigh while practicing law,” said David.


Four years later, he decided he “never wanted to practice law again the rest of his life,” and moved to Charleston to pursue a career as a DJ.


“I decided to stay with Joe because of his reputation and brand. He had been looking to expand, so it was a natural fit,” said David. 


The reviews and experience helped him to quickly establish his brand in the busy Charleston event market.


“Couples hire us as a culmination of everything; first and foremost is our DJs, then our website and reviews. They have a favorable opinion of us from other vendors before even speaking with us. They also have the security of a larger company and get to know the DJ personally before the wedding day,” said David.


For him personally, the best part of being a DJ is being in the moment, and knowing you made an event great. 


 “Like a lot of DJs, the last 30 to 45 minutes of the reception is a blast. When all the formalities are over, and everyone is just letting loose. Everyone is on the dance floor with the couple in the center of it all. Being a part of that moment, and knowing you are helping to create that memory for everyone, is really fun” said David. 


After all, every good event needs music and entertainment and that’s exactly what this Bunn DJ Company - Charleston provides.


Connect with David and his Charleston DJ team today by clicking HERE.