Finding unique pieces to make your wedding vision come together, at an affordable price, is exactly what Emily Siezar Lopez set out to do when she created Relic Vintage Rentals.


“When I got married, there were no unique options for rentals at a reasonable price,” said Emily. “I wanted to offer something to help make your day exceptional without paying an arm and a leg.”


And that’s exactly what she did with Relic Vintage Rentals. Instead of following the traditional rental model of charging half of what a piece costs, Emily divides the purchase price by five to get her rental cost. Couples can rent one piece or a bunch of pieces, all without pushing their budget.


Finding beautiful vintage pieces to accent your wedding vision can make a huge impact on your wedding day aesthetic. 


“We started out with just vintage items but have recently added some newer pieces with a vintage vibe so we can have multiples of popular pieces,” said Emily. “We have pieces from all different eras: French country, late 1800’s French baroque, Victorian era, mid-century modern, 70s boho. No matter your style, we have you covered.”


As we mentioned, the company’s mission started after Emily’s wedding day 2014. Emily was a teacher in Nicaragua at a nonprofit school for English and creative arts. That is where she meet her husband. They moved back to the U.S. on a fiance visa and had 90 days to get married. 


“I wanted this fairytale wedding but running a nonprofit school, I didn’t have a budget. I turned my mom’s backyard in to a beautiful outdoor fairytale. We lined the ugly chain fence with old doors. All of the seating was fun vintage pieces. I used my grandparents old travel trunks for accent pieces. That’s where the idea began – my grandparent’s family heirlooms, or relics.”


Today, she loves helping to make someone else’s Pinterest board come to life using her passion for antiques. It’s even become a family venture with Emily’s mom and husband chipping in to help build or deliver pieces.


“It’s exciting! I am constantly acquiring pieces. If someone has something specific they are looking for I can make it or will try to find it. I try to accommodate everyone – or refer them to someone else to help,” she said.


And it’s no surprise then that Emily’s favorite thing is getting to see post-wedding photos.


“Seeing the happiness on bride and groom’s faces and seeing it all come together is my favorite,” she said. “When we are delivering pieces, everything isn’t quite finished yet so it’s cool to see what the bride and groom envisioned all come together.”


Still looking for that perfect piece (or pieces!) to bring your wedding vision to life? Contact Emily at Relic Vintage Rentals by clicking HERE.


Photo Credit: Erin Costa Photography