When you work with Collective Music Solutions you aren’t just working with a booking agent, but a collection of music professionals. And that’s exactly why founder and musician, Erica Berg, named her company that.


“We offer DJs and live musicians, and usually it’s only one or the other,” said Erica. “We’re different not just because of the fact that couples can package both offerings together as a unique option, but our format for doing that is unique because we aren’t just a booking agent, but a collective of music professionals.”


With all of the different offerings under the company, couples can pair together a jazz quarter or bluegrass trio for reception and cocktail hour but also book a DJ for the reception. Couples who are looking for a truly customized offering can find exactly what they are looking for. 


Not only will couples find what they are looking for, but they’ll get to experience a level of customer service unlike any other. 


“We love to work with the couples that don’t just want entertainment but want an experience,” explained Erica. “From the time that someone books until the event is over, we offer a very detailed level of customer service. They are booking the company not just a band or musician.”


That way of thinking is the reason their clients appreciate working with them. Brides especially can appreciate working with the woman-owned business. 


“Being a woman-owned business in the entertainment world is rare, so brides enjoy the connection they get with another woman,” Erica told. “We can have girl talk and have fun together. I love my brides and the connection we have as two women.”


Aside from loving the connection with her brides and couples, Erica loves what she does because she loves music so much. 


“Music is a language everyone understands but doesn’t always speak, but to be able to speak the language of music is a gift and enriches my life,” said the musician. “Music is like an extra appendage on my body, it’s a part of who I am, how I was wired and created. The thought of life without music would be like life without arms – life changing.”


Erica grew up with music in her veins. She attended college on a music scholarship for the saxophone. She started singing later in her life and even though she didn’t make her college’s choral program, she stuck with it. 


After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Erica held a few different positions, none of which fulfilled her like music did. So, while working as a high school Spanish teacher, she joined her first band. Two years later she formed her current band and things took off from there. Shortly after she formed her LLC, she moved into the business full time and five years later had a full entertainment company. 


Along the way, Erica brought her dad in as her business partner, making the dream all the more sweet. It makes sense why the father-daughter dance is one of Erica’s favorite moments on wedding day. 


“I love the father-daughter dance, it reminds me of the relationship I have with my dad,” Erica said. “I also love that moment when everyone in the room has let inhibitions go and are ready to break it down. When that energy meets entertainment energy that’s a special moment.”


And you always know with Collective Music Solutions that entertainment energy is never going to disappoint!


Still looking for musical entertainment for your wedding day? Connect with Erica and the Collective Music Solutions team today by clicking HERE.