With an approachable personality and a clear process in place, Heather Conner of Awesome Blossoms always takes care of her couples. With an out-of-the-box style and a love of loose, airy, fun, vibrant and colorful florals, couples are immediately drawn to her work.


Bustld: What do you think makes you different in your field?

Heather: I have a background in human resources and IT project management. This is now my third and final career. Along the way, human resources taught me personalities and what people are wanting. With a corporate background, I understand business. I’m a corporate person with a creative side.


Bustld: How would you describe your style and ideal client?

Heather: My style is very out of the box. I love Pinterest for the inspiration but if you say, “I want this, but I’m not stuck on it”, that’s my ideal bride. Someone who likes a ton of color. My style is something that’s a little more loose, airy, fun, vibrant and full of color. I love getting to put artistic value into it.


Bustld: Why do your clients hire you? 

Heather: Most of my past clients have said I’m approachable. And the structure I have to my business. I put everybody through a very structured process before we sign. When you follow a process, it’s unbreakable. If something happens to me by the time their wedding shows up, they know it will be taken care of no matter what. I’ve had them trained throughout the whole process. Know this is what to expect, the follow up, etc. I’m also very good during a crisis. During a crisis, when somebody is really anxious – I’m the one that’s like, “let’s start delegating, let’s get on board and you will be ok”. Calming that person down so you know they can breathe.


Bustld: What is the best part of being a florist

Heather: That I get to be the messenger. The messenger for a couple’s personality and their loved ones. They chose me to be that messenger. Whether it’s retail or wedding, I bring their vision to life. Everybody starts going “wow” and I get to bring back the human connection.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Heather: Right before everybody shows up, I get to take the couple around and show them everything. They’re usually so excited, but also a little nervous. It’s a “mama bear” moment and one of my favorite parts of the day to reassure them.


Bustld: How long have you been in business? What is your business back story? Why weddings?

Heather: I am celebrating two years this year, but I’ve been in the industry for three years. It was completely a bucket list item. Before I started, I was bored out of mind and my daughter was in school. I called a florist in uptown Charlotte that did mostly retail. I said I would love to deliver flowers for you for Valentine’s Day. After that, I got hooked. There is an OG guy named Christian Slater. He says there is no price you can ever put on somebody when you see somebody getting unexpected flowers. I always wanted to see that. I did 35 arrangements in one day, I was exhausted, but it was so fun. My corporate job was starting to create a void inside me, and flowers gave me the human connection. After that, I got connected with another florist in Pineville who had more of a focus in events. I went through another Valentine’s day and then started my own business a week later.


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