AMP’D Entertainment knows how to get the party started. With their boutique approach and skilled team of professionals, they are known for their ability to cater to every clients’ needs regardless of the music taste. They have quickly become one of the most sought-after entertainment companies in Atlanta. Learn more about the inner workings of this awesome company in this week’s Know Your Pro…


Bustld: What do you think makes your entertainment services stand out?

Hollon: We are different by design as we are a very creative DJ company. Most people expect to get a plain old “wedding DJ company” but couples seek us out for our creative skills. We also feature all different types of music from different ages and different places. We are a company who knows how to give a little bit to everyone out there and keep everyone engaged. Live mashups, remixes, updating older songs, you name it. We really focus on making everything personal.


Bustld: Tell us about the company’s ideal client. 

Hollon: We most definitely work around the architecture of our clients, depending on their wants and needs. We don’t do anything cookie cutter and we have a very boutique approach.

Our clients are usually music lovers—people who really want music to be a big part of their wedding day. Clients with specific and unique music tastes or who like a little bit of everything.


Bustld: Why do you think couples choose you all for the special day? 

Hollon: A big reason clients connect with us is for the personal attention we give them. We are a boutique company, yet we have sizeable roster of DJs. We spend more time connecting with clients, meetings, phone calls, emails, inviting to events than your typical entertainment service. The more time we spend together, the better understanding we have of their wedding vision and the best way to execute for them. Our creativity brings clients in the door, but our personal attention keeps them in the room.


Bustld: What is the best part of your job?

Hollon: It is the greatest job on the planet—people paying you to play music and do what you love. It is the greatest privilege anyone could ever have. Connecting with cool couples is an amazing gift and we never think of them as clients but as future friends because that is what they will ultimately become. Not everyone gets to have a job they look forward to.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Hollon: The look on couple’s faces at the end of the night or if they were to say that this was the best day of their lives. That appreciation and recognition is intoxicating. Another great moment is when we are wrapping up and guests come up and say, “OMG that was incredible and very personalized!” Our approach of emphasizing and making the package personal really connects with the friends and family of the bride and groom.


Bustld: Tell us about the company’s backstory. How long have you been in business?

Hollon: We started in 2011 with a business partner. We never thought there was a market for this approach in weddings, but we were wrong. We bought our partners stake in 2019 and went full steam ahead. In about three years of being in business, we were the most reviewed and highest rated company in the city!


Get in touch with Hollon and the whole AMP’d team by clicking HERE to chat about your wedding day plans.