Jenni began her career in the PR industry and quickly transitioned to the event industry, realizing that is what she truly excelled at and loved. Her family owns the amazing, all-inclusive Olde Towne Special Events venue and takes it upon herself, along with her staff, to make sure that each wedding at the gorgeous venue is treated as if it were her own. Read on for more in this week’s Know Your Pro . . .


Bustld: What do you think makes your venue unique?

Jenni: We are a full-service venue which helps people who have no idea where to start when planning a wedding and all the details it entails. We have indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies, as well as a “Plan B” space should it rain so you don’t have to scramble last minute. We also have a pre-function space so that guests do not have to watch us flip in our ballroom space. A lot of our brides appreciate that guests don’t have to be put in a smaller space. We also have a huge bridal suite area so that you can get ready on-site. We also have a groom’s area—a lot of venues don’t have that. We can seat up to 280 people, so we have quite a large space to work with!


Bustld: How would you pinpoint your style?

Jenni: We are made up of mainly neutral colors. You can truly make the space your own. It doesn’t need a ton which is why people tend to like our space. They can create their vision without breaking the bank for everything to come together. Budget plays a huge part of any party or venue search as far as what you can offer. Anyone who has a vision, whether colors are crazy, contemporary or traditional, can transform the space and it looks beautiful.


Bustld: Why do you think couples choose your venue? 

Jenni: Couples like the one-stop shop aspect of our venue. Most people are overwhelmed when they get engaged. Finding your ceremony and reception venue, food and beverage providers, photographer, florist, DJ… couples start freaking out a bit. I try to help them with regards to people we’ve worked with in the past, offering them a preferred vendor list. We don’t get anything out of promoting these people other than peace of mind knowing they are very professional. We include the wedding coordinator in the facility which is a huge savings. We make it as easy and seamless as possible. I do this every weekend and lessen the load, so everything does not seem so overwhelming. We are priced pretty affordable for a beautiful venue. You should be able to get the wedding you want at an affordable price point.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Jenni: When the bride is about to walk down the aisle, and looks at the groom, and then we see the way he looks at her when she enters the room. That’s the best moment of the day, everybody gets super teary-eyed. Or, if they don’t do the ceremony on site, probably the sneak peek of the ballroom. It is always better than what they had anticipated.


Bustld: Tell us about your backstory.

Jenni: I previously worked at a PR firm and planned events at venues. It was more on the corporate side, you know, doing big retreats. Then I crossed over into event planning. My family actually owns this club and I was brought in to help do events. So, I had freelanced at a PR firm for almost two years, and then decided to give this a try. I’ve been doing everything on the event side ever since. I love the fact that no two days are alike. You never know what the day is going to bring. Nothing makes it better than seeing it all come together to create hopefully one of the best days of their lives. It is definitely a rewarding job.


Bustld: Why do you love working at your venue?

Jenni: I love the people I get to work with all the time. I am very lucky and have a great staff that goes above and beyond and treats every wedding like their own wedding. That is very rare from my experience doing other events. I love the fact that everything is on-site, too. Not having to worry about a catering truck breaking down – that would stress me out tremendously. I love the fact that the room is so pretty and it sells itself.


Get in touch with Jenni and Olde Towne Special Events by clicking HERE to chat about your wedding day plans.