You might wonder if a wedding photographer who has been in business since 2009 still cries at weddings? For Jennifer Haygood, the owner of J. B. Haygood Photography, the answer is a resounding yes!


From the little details to the first looks – Jennifer loves every moment of being a part of the wedding world.


“When a dad sees his daughter is one of my all-time favorite moments,” said the Raleigh wedding photographer. “There is hardly a dad out there that doesn’t cry. I also love a first look where the couple can spend a few quiet moments together and really be present.”


Jennifer who started shooting in the late 90s has a clean, classic style that she credits to learning to shoot on film.


“I think shooting on film gave me a different foundation and technical appreciation,” she said. “I used to have a dark room and everything I made was a singular piece. There was no Photoshop or cut and paste option. I had to work each image to make it unique. I apply those same techniques now shooting on digital; it makes me slow down and treat each image as special.”


While she shoots fully digital now so she can get things to her clients faster, her background is still clear in her style especially editing. 


“I don’t do a heavy edit. It’s more of a timeless, classic, clean edit with true colors. I want my photos to be representative of what actually happened. To me, it’s more important to artistically capture the reality than create a piece of digital art that wasn’t really there,” said the mom of two kids and four dogs.


It’s no surprise then that her clients tend to plan more classic weddings that are focused on their connections and relationships to friends and family, instead of the details (although she loves capturing the small details too!). 


What her clients love most about Jennifer though is that they can trust her to guide them without overdoing it.


“I guide my clients and suggest loose poses, which is more directing than posing, but more importantly than that they trust me to be watching and seeing what’s happening all over the place throughout the day,” said the South Florida native (and yes she can sail a boat!). “The thing I love hearing the most is when my client’s tell me later that they didn’t even see something I captured happen!”


Jennifer’s attitude toward the wedding day is one we absolutely love – as important as it is to capture photos of the bride and groom, she also wants to capture photos of the people who are most important to them.


It also doesn’t hurt that Jennifer used to be a catering director at a venue so she is very well versed in knowing how the day should flow. And her go with the flow attitude is the icing on top.


“I’m not just there as a photographer – I pinch hit as a florist, therapist and everything else. Whatever needs to be done, I will jump in and do it. Couples hire me because I’m on their team to make their wedding day easier and more fun,” she said. “The end result? They get gorgeous photos.”


Jennifer also looks at weddings as a challenge – every wedding is an opportunity to learn, grow and challenge herself to produce something even cooler than the last time.


“Of all the jobs to have on the planet, this is a pretty good one. Yeah, it can be hard work. It can be raining or hot. But it’s fun. I love the way people look at each other on wedding day. It reminds you there is good in the world,” she said.


And that right there is why we just love J.B. Haygood Photography!


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