With an incredible amount of experience and a creative story telling style, Joshua Grasso of Joshua Grasso Photography captures motion better than most.


“Since I’ve been doing this full time, I have shot more than 200 weddings,” said Joshua. “With my style, I very much have a creative story telling approach. It’s photo journalistic in its purpose, some traditional portraits mixed in, but a focus on getting more little moments. I’m always looking for the little things happening between, little looks and fun quirky things.”


If a couple cries when they look back on their photos, then Joshua feels he’s done his job well. It’s not just the motion he captures, but the emotions. His clients usually have a strong connection, leading to strong emotions on display on wedding day.


“The biggest thing I want is for them to cry when looking at photos. My favorite clients have a lot of fun with each other and with their families. It’s all about the connection they have,” said the photographer.


It’s those moments and the fun he gets to have while capturing those moments that attracted Joshua to his work. It’s a bonus that he is producing something that will be cherished.


“The best part about being a photographer is being able to help clients relive their day and how they felt, and capture the love their family has,” explained Joshua “I produce something they get to cherish later on.”


Joshua got started informally about 15 years ago when he began pursuing becoming a photojournalist. He took a turn and taught for 12 years instead, while shooting weddings on the side. While side hustling, he fell in love with weddings because they are much happier occasions than photojournalism events.


With the happy occasion and emotion-filled day usually comes Joshua’s favorite moment on wedding day.


“Any time a guy cries is my favorite part,” the photographer said. “Like when the groom reads his vows. I cried when I read mine,so it brings me back to that moment.”


Those emotions allow Joshua to develop creative pieces of art.


“Couples hire me because I make creative pieces of art. The moments don’t feel posed or candid and are all about being fun,” Joshua said.


That memory and emotion that Joshua captures is what his couples love about him.


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