The husband and wife team behind Mosaic Photo focuses on making sure their couples are taken care of. Their classic, true-to-life style allows couples to realistically relive the day over and over.


“Couples hire us because we care a lot about them having a good experience,” explained Julie Wilson of Mosaic Photo. “We take time to get to know them and their personalities and what they need so we can get all the photos they really want.”


But for them, it all starts before wedding day.


“We always do an engagement session with our couples because we want to get to know them and feel like friends,” said Julie. “People like that about us, that we want them to feel comfortable and truly become an extension of their wedding party.


While photographers often work with their spouses, Julie and her husband work a little differently. They of course work well together but alsohave different personalities, so they communicate with couples in a different way.


Being a husband-wife team also helps the photographers inspire their couples.


“We love deeply, and you can see that, so I think people feed off that,” Julie explained.


The couple started in very different directions at first. While Julie majored in biology, her husband Kyle went into business management. Julie has always loved and valued photos, growing up with her mom always taking pictures. Kyle bought Julie her first camera when she was studying abroad in school and she loved documenting the trip.


Once she got back from her semester abroad, her and Kyle got married. A few months later some family asked her to take photos for them. That’s when they realized not only did they enjoy taking pictures, but they really enjoyed working together. At the time, Julie was in PA school and looking for something different.


“We decided to go after it and taught ourselves with online training, got a lot of practice, started getting better gear and did our first wedding at the end of 2014. It went really well, and we definitely loved weddings from that point,” told Julie. “We had just been married and had a great experience and wanted to share that with people, so that also helped push us down the wedding route.”


After that, it turned into everything else beyond weddings, too, and Mosaic Photo was born.


“We love doing pictures beyond the wedding –shooting engagements and weddings led to newborn and family portraits and that was really cool and that’s where our name came from, a bunch of moments in life that come together as a mosaic,” explained the photographer. “Ultimately, we loved building strong relationship with couples,and we wanted that for Mosaic.”


For Julie, no other moment really compares to that moment on wedding day when the couples is exiting the ceremony together, officially as husband and wife.


“It's the most excited you’ve seen them all day, the stress is gone and it’s raw emotion,” she said.


For this husband-wife team it really isall about capturing the emotion during one of those moments in your life that you’ll remember forever.


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Photo Credit to Photos by Hailey