A west coast vibe on the east coast is something that truly sets Kait Winston of Kait Winston Photography apart with her focus on authentic, real photos.

“I don’t pose couples. I work with a lot of movement driven prompts instead of cookie cutter poses,” Kait said. “A lot of emphasis is placed on real authentic moments, like a couple laughing and having fun together.”

This approach means more than just pretty photos.

“Instead of just pretty photos, couples can look back and remember how happy they were in the moment, which is so much more important to me than pretty photos,” said Kait. “People are enjoying the more candid approach these days as the style transitions from the west coast to the east coast.”

This heavy focus on candid and photojournalistic photos means Kait doesn’t manufacture moments.

“I want everything I do to be real, and I think that comes across in the final product,” she said.

That vibe speaks to her clients who are instantly attracted to her photo’s happy vibes.

“My clients like the real moments. Their priorities for the day are having fun with all of their favorite people, and having those moments captured. They value their relationships over everything else,” Kait told us. “Of course, photography is also a priority. My clients, who are all super classy people, love to have fun and like getting those silly photos as much as they do the flawless ones.” 

Capturing real moments in a fast paced, high stress environment isn’t anything new for the photographer who started her career working at the in-house photo studio in the Hearst tower in New York City. 

“Dealing with real people and real relationships was what I was lacking in my job before making the transition to weddings. I was working with 17-year-old models before and it’s been such a nice transition to work with couples,” Kait said. 

Working alongside fashion photographers who shot weddings on the side was Kait’s first introduction into the bridal world.

“I never thought about shooting weddings and had never been to a wedding. I thought of wedding photography as the lame pictures from my parent’s wedding and it just didn’t seem interesting to me,” she said. “I went to a few weddings with my fashion photography friends and instantly fell in love. It’s so much better than photographing boring stuff in a studio because there is so much more life involved with it.”

In 2012, Kait moved home and started photographing weddings. And she hasn’t stopped since.

“It’s truly the best freaking day ever,” she said. “I get to do so many things. I’m not just photographing people but also all the pretty details. There is always something to do, and I love it.”

Paired with the connections she makes, Kait knows she has found her passion.

“I love making connections with everyone that I meet so it’s important to me that I connect with all of my couples. It’s definitely a two-way street,” said the photographer. “I want to make sure we vibe and have chemistry, or it’s not going to be the experience I want, and definitely not the one they want. I love working with like-minded people and capturing their relationship.”

Authentically capturing the moments and relationships, even beyond wedding day, is something Kait feels passionately about. But when it comes to weddings, she is a sap for any moment involving grandparents.

“I was so close with my grandparents. They were my favorite people in the entire universe, and I don’t have grandparents anymore,” she said. “It’s literally one of my favorite things when I see a bride or groom sitting at the table with their grandparents having a cute, quiet moment together while all the craziness is going on around and the dance floor behind them. I love first looks, too, but I get so emotional when I see people with their grandparents.”

Those are the happy moments that literally last a lifetime, after all.

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