A flexible and easy-going approach paired with the ability to enhance your natural beauty is what couples love about Karyna Omura of Karyna Omura Makeup.

“I like to think that makeup shouldn’t make you look different. It is made to enhance your own natural beauty,” said Karyna. 

With this approach, clients instantly feel comfortable around the talented makeup artist. 

“I feel confident and happy when I see that my clients feel beautiful. My goal is to make them feel confident,” she said.

Aside from her skills, Karyna’s approach to training and service also sets her apart. 

“Training is one of the things that makes me stand out. I started my career in Japan, so I have a different background than others. I also bring that Japanese mentality of quality of service, which I strive to deliver to each and every client,” she explained.

Karyna grew up in Japan where she worked in modeling and acting.

“I used to get my makeup done professionally all the time,” she said. “I loved how they made me feel from the touch – how relaxing it is, how everything smells so good and that was what made me start getting into makeup.”

After moving to the U.S., Karyna knew she wanted to continue to pursue her passion of makeup but wasn’t sure how the laws worked. 

“I offered makeup for free so I could continue doing what I loved, and at the same time made sure to learn how to practice it professionally and legally,” she said.

Shortly after her move, a wedding business owner needed help with a wedding and asked Karyna if she wanted to give it a try. After that, she was hooked. She went to school and became a certified and licensed esthetician.

While working with different people in different places is the best part of being a makeup artist, there is nothing like seeing the whole look come together on wedding day. 

“It’s magical! I love when I get the chance to stay long enough to see the bride step into her dress,” she said. “Until that moment, it’s just pieces of our work. Once the bride steps into her gown it’s a complete stunning artwork full of emotions.”

And yes, sometimes she gets as emotional as the moms seeing that moment unfold.

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