It’s not just about being a great photographer for Kate Pope (although she is!), it’s also about being a skilled and valuable member of the event world. That’s why in the past eight years of business she’s focused on not only improving her technical skills as a photographer but also learning the ins and outs of the event worlds as a whole so she can better anticipate challenges on wedding day, helping to make the wedding day better as a whole and more enjoyable for everyone.


The current president of ILEA Raleigh-Durham describes her photography style as timeless:


“My goal is that you love your photos in 50 years as much as you love them today,” says Kate. “That means I use a lot of color and no filters because color truly captures the emotion of the day.”


Kate’s fun, professional clients that always have a great sense of humor tell her they hired her because of her energy. This laid-back, classically trained Opera singer who describes herself as “ridiculously uncool,” instantly puts brides-to-be at ease in their initial meeting and that translates over into wedding day.


For Kate, she chose weddings because of the legacy aspect:


“It’s a privilege to be able to document people’s best moments and create photographic memories,” says Kate. “To be a part of their life and know I’ve made a permanent imprint by illustrating their unique love stories for their grandchildren’s children is pretty awesome.”


Photographing weddings is truly a little bit of the best of everything for Kate – challenging technical moments that push her technical skills; super emotional moments that she gets to document for couples; and living that emotional day beside her couples. For someone who loves people, it’s a pretty powerful thing to be a part of.


While wedding day holds many amazing moments, one of the top moments for Kate is when the bride walks down the aisle. Many of her couples opt not to do a first look so it’s often the first time they have seen each other, making it a very emotional moment for everyone. “There is a lot of emotion between bride and dad and then, of course, bride and groom when he sees her for the first time,” says Kate. “I’ve had some really emotional grooms in the last year and it’s been really exciting.”


For the talented woman behind the lens who loves illustrating your wedding day, it’s no surprise she accidentally ended up writing a children’s book about getting involved in the community and helping to change the world. If everything goes according to plan you can expect to see “The Giving Crusade” hitting shelves in summer 2018.


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Headshot credit: Richard Barlow Photography