Losing her job during the recession turned out to be just the push Kathleen Pace of Amelya Jayne Photography needed to pursue her passion. Kathleen had $650, so she bought her first DSLR camera, and never turned back.

“I’ve always had a passion for photography that goes back to my childhood,” she said. “I am just one of those people that must document everything.”

Kathleen took that dedication and started photographing families, children and fitness industry friends. 

“I was a personal trainer on the side while starting my business, and my client’s younger sister was getting married. She begged me to shoot her wedding. I said no, of course, because that was the sensible response. But she talked me in to it,” Kathleen said.

After she got the wedding “bug,” she slowly started adding more and more weddings to her portfolio. 

“I shoot weddings because I do it well, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction and pride,” explained Kathleen. “Weddings challenge my creativity and my ability to think fast on the fly. It’s an adrenaline rush.”

That rush paired with the storytelling and historical nature of the occasion is what keeps her coming back for more. 

“Being a photographer means I always get to create beautiful images. And it’s really satisfying and, simply put, fun! But it also means I am self-employed and feel a sense of control with my schedule,” she told us.

There is no question that what she creates is beautiful. Her style can be described as natural light with classic, timeless edits. 

“There are a lot of trends in editing, but I do my own thing and create my own presets in Light Room,” she said. “I primarily shoot digital, but I also offer film as an add-on. That’s the way I have always done it.”

In addition to a background in film, Kathleen has been a photographer for quite some time, so she brings an incredible amount of experience to every wedding. But what really sets the company apart?

“We are a mother-daughter team! There are so many husband-wife teams but what we have is rare,” she said.

On top of that, every interaction with Amelya Jayne Photography is always responsive and professional. Which their chill, nature-loving clients appreciate.

“I provide our couples with a lot of options to customize their package to suit their budget,” Kathleen said. “They also love our flexibility and the way we capture couples without making them look awkward or posed. Couples all say they want to look candid and feel beautiful. That’s my strength!”

Capturing those candid moments, especially the ones with happy tears like the first look and first dance, are what Kathleen lives for.

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