Documenting and creating an eternal memory feels like a calling for Kelsey Halm of Kelsey Halm Photography


“I grew up in a family that was married for a long time. We had wedding photos, but a lot of my family didn’t. For me, those are memories that you can never get back. I feel compelled to document and create that eternal memory. Particularly those moments you are in on wedding day that you won’t remember until you look back at your photos,”she said.


Kelsey’s easy-going personality makes wedding day fun and puts you at ease.


“On wedding day, I want to make it more fun, not stressful. I want to capture the real you, not just the posed photos. I want the real moments between you and your loves ones. Those are the memories that you will treasure,” she said. 


This is especially true for Kelsey’s clients who value quality over quantity. 


“My bride values the photographer who is going to be there because they love what they are doing and know the photographer cares just as much about the couple and their moments as they do,” she explained.


And that’s exactly what Kelsey does. After all, it was being a part of these monumental moments that encouraged Kelsey and her husband to start the business. 


“I started photography in high school and fell in love with it. I haven’t put the camera down since,” she said. “I decided to make photography into a business seven years ago. I started with portraits, real estate and family but found my passion was couples and moments. I wanted to capture the photos that would be on the wall for generations.”


Since moving from Maine to Charleston in 2016, they have exclusively focused on weddings. She loves getting to work with so many different people. But most importantly, she loves being a part of such an important day.


“I get to see people on the most important day of their lives, being vulnerable and excited. It’s a huge milestone with whoever their person is. It really is the joining of a team,” she said.


While her style can be described as light and airy, she really considers it more emotional.


“I want to capture the moments in between. The times that people are laughing or giggling at something the other person said, and they don’t even realize they are doing it. Those are the precious moments,” Kelsey said.


Her favorite moments to capture? 


“I love when mom is putting the bride into the dress and they share a few seconds together,” she said. “I also love the first look with dad. It’s the best thing to see him looking at his little girl, all grown up, who is about to give away.”


Those sweet, intimate moments are what Kelsey lives for.


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Photo Credit: Gladyxa Mari Photography