Helping others has always been a passion for Kylie Schwartz of Sweet N’ Southern Events. Transitioning from the world of nursing to event planning made perfect sense for Kylie who gets emotionally invested in every person she meets.  


“I was ready to help people in a different, happier way,” said Kylie. “I love event planning and have been throwing my own parties since I was a little girl – from end of year parties for my fifth grade class to Christmas parties. I am following my heart. As a hopeless romantic, it brings me such joy to help other people start their forever.”


But it wasn’t just childhood parties; Kylie has been honing her wedding planning skills by working for a country club and planning weddings on the side for more than two years.


“I have the professional experience that makes me really strong at what I do,” said the Caribbean lover. “Paired with my passion for event planning, makes me really unique.”


She’s built her company to be able to work with couples of all budgets and style by customizing every package she offers. 


“I love helping couples who are focused on getting married and can’t get the details together or ones that want someone to plan alongside them,” she said.


And with Kylie’s bubbly and friendly personality, it’s no surprise she attracts happy couples.


“I really invest myself in each couple’s wedding and develop a deeply personal connection. I put my whole heart in to each event,” said the mom who is as full believer in dancing every bad issue out. 


And that connection leads to celebrations that are oh-so personal for the couple. And for Kylie, nothing beats seeing the couple’s reaction to the final product.


“When the couple walks in to the reception and finally gets to see everything I did, is without a doubt the best part of being a wedding planner,” she said. “I love seeing the bride, groom and parents as happy as can be and knowing I was a part of a start to a great marriage.”


And when the bride and groom see each other for the first time?


“Oh that moment never gets old,” she exclaimed. 


Kylie loves that her business offers her the opportunity to meet other people and happy couples.


“I love giving to others and being able to invest in other people starting their marriages as simply as possible,” said the wedding planner who is planning to elope for her own wedding in April.


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