If you are looking for someone to keep you smiling and laughing through wedding day, Leslie Reavis of Leslie Lynn Photography is your girl. She will give you that natural smile for all of your pictures and keep you feeling comfortable all day long. Read on to learn more about Leslie and her business…


Bustld: What do you think makes you different in your field?

Leslie: As a professional photographer my ability to make couples feel comfortable is one of my strongest qualities. I make couples laugh and have fun. Because of that, I give couples great looking, natural smiles in all their pictures.


Bustld: How would you describe your style? What about your ideal couple? 

Leslie: My style is definitely more romantic. I love having those “aww” moments, as well as images of the couple laughing and twirling. I love working with clients of all backgrounds, but I gravitate toward more upbeat couples. Couples who want to do fun things for pictures.


Bustld: Why do your clients hire you? 

Leslie: Couples are confident in my ability to capture every moment of their big day. Oh, and I’m lots of fun!


Bustld: What is the best part of being a photographer?

Leslie: Giving my clients the gift of their precious memories for years and years to come is the best part.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Leslie: That moment right after the first kiss when the couple makes their way back down the aisle and I see that “we did it” look on their faces. They are at ease and can enjoy the rest of the day. It’s the best.


Bustld: Tell us your backstory, and the business backstory?

Leslie: I started shooting in 2011. In 2014, a family friend asked me to shoot their wedding. I fell in love with everything weddings. Weddings are so important and so special, and I love being a part of them.


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