Capturing moments that are easily forgotten in the moment but will live on forever thanks to photography is why Lindsey Gettig loves what she does. 

While she has always loved weddings, Lindsey’s passion for photography began in high school when she was showing horses. She began photographing horse shows and fell in love with portraiture photography. Her skills and passion grew, and she knew she wanted to capture life’s big moments which fueled her to pursue weddings. In 2010, her dream of Lindsey Gettig Photography was born.

“Photographing those memories is so important. People forget the moments and the details,” she said. “With a photographer we get to capture that and keep it forever through albums and prints. The moments will be documented for life to show your children and grandchildren.”

It’s no surprise then that Lindsey’s shooting style is a classic look that will also live on forever.

“I know a lot of people have moved to the film look but I am staying with the classic bright look which will be around forever,” she said. “I capture real moments, not just staged looks. I like a lot of detail shots and candids.”

Her clients fully trust her and know Lindsey will capture every moment of their important day.

“I like to get those great moments during getting ready of the bride and groom with their friends and family before everything gets hectic,” she said. “I aim to make the bride feel really comfortable and at ease.”

Spending time with someone on their special day is the best part of being a wedding photographer, in Lindsey’s opinion.

“Wedding day is one of the most important days of someone’s life. I get to spend it with them and document it,” she said. “All of my couples are so thankful for the memories I help them remember. Through images, they get to go back and see everything they missed because they were so busy and stressed out.”

Of those moments, Lindsey has two favorites. First, is when the groom sees his bride for the first time. Her other favorite is watching the interactions between the bride and her mother. From getting ready to spending time together.

“It’s the mother of the bride’s day too and it’s very important for her,” Lindsey said. “Seeing their tears and smiles and how happy they are for their daughter resonates with me.” 

And it’s moments that like that continue to fuel Lindsey’s passion.

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Photo: Chasity Chen Photography