With a focus on bridal accessories, and more specifically, headpieces, Nia Emani Dickson of Love Always by Nia Emani works with her brides to make them feel glamorous.

“I am solely focused on accessories for the bride, specifically head pieces and veils,” she explained. “It’s for the unapologetically fabulous bride – the bride who wants to feel as bridal and glamorous as possible.”

With Nia’s easy personality you instantly know she is going to help you look your best. She offers something for any type of bride that wants to wear a veil or headpiece, whether that be with a boho style or glamorous style, or anything in between. 

“I have something for everyone who want to wear a veil. I am so focused on one specific part of attire and there aren’t many other distractions, so bride’s trust that I know what I’m doing,” said Nia. 

It’s that bond that attracts brides who typically value quality over quantity. Many brides she works with are also family-centered, working with Nia to create or reuse a family heirloom.

 “I specialize in family heirlooms, like veils that have been in a family for decades,” Nia explained. “The oldest veil I’ve seen was from 1953. This was the seventh bride to wear it.”

Obviously, it takes a special person with specific skills to be trusted with such an important heirloom. 

“So, brides seek me out from far away to work on items because they know I am trustworthy. It takes specific hands, creativity and knowledge to work on such a precious item,” she said.

Nia’s work speaks for itself, but her experience certainly doesn’t hurt. No one really plans to become a bridal accessories specialist, and that was certainly the case for Nia. With a finance and Spanish degree, Nia went into finance for a while. It wasn’t until she got engaged and started planning her own wedding that the idea even came about. 

Her mom was a seamstress/homemaker and was dying to have her hand in some part of Nia’s wedding day attire. So, instead of making her dress, they compromised, and she was going to make Nia’s veil. It was such a sweet memory for Nia and something that always stuck out in the back of her mind. 

Going through the whole wedding process herself reminded Nia how much she loved weddings. So, she left the finance world and started working in gown alterations. She kept hearing that brides wanted a custom veil and a lightbult went off.

 “Brides I worked with kept mentioning they needed veils, so I made a few sample veils and brides wanted to buy them right off the racks,” recalled Nia. “So, I started customizing for brides I tailored dresses for and within only one year I had already done 75 to 90 veils.”

It’s no wonder that once brides find out who she is, they already know the quality of work they can expect. They know her work is important to her, just like she knows it is an important piece of her bride’s look.  

So, of course, Nia’s favorite moment on wedding day has to do with seeing her work showcased to create a feeling unlike any other. 

“I love when a bride who wants a two-tier veil – that is wearing a second tier overhead – walks down the aisle to the groom and is handed off. The moment when the veil is pulled over and you hear gasps and the water works start because that moment feels like a fairytale. Not many other points in the day create that feeling,” Nia said. 

It’s moments like that one, the fairytale moment, that Nia offers her brides!

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