A light, bright and airy style is what immediately attracts couples to Re-Peet Productions, but it’s the turnaround time – both in conversations and final product – that seal the deal.


For Matthew Peet, owner of Re-Peet Productions, his turnaround time is what he used to build his business.


“I trained under someone who offered same day edits. I decided to also offer that service to all of my clients as I was building my business since it isn’t super common in Charleston. Today, we have a specific package that includes a same day edit,” said Matthew.


Speed of production for the final product remains critically important to his brand. 


“I don’t want my clients waiting six to eight months to relive their wedding. I aim to have their video done within two weeks. It keeps my couples happy and me from getting backlogged,” he explained.


A two-week turnaround time for a wedding video is almost unheard of in the industry, so it’s no surprise that this videographer also values speed in his response time.


“I get in touch with each couple who inquires quickly and really stress how and when I’ll be communicating with them,” he said. “I want their day to be as stress free as possible. That includes everything related to me – how often I communicate with them, when I communicate with them and their payment schedule.” 


Paired with a similar style approach to photography, Re-Peet Productions is often an instant favorite for couples viewing his work.


“I try to go light, bright and airy like the photography style, although that can depend a lot on the weather, even more so than photography,” said Matthew. “I always focus on capturing the candid moments and not posing things. I will set up cameras on tripods to avoid having to redo something because I want to capture that authentic moment.”


Living in the moment, loving fun and not being too serious is how this Disney-loving videographer describes himself. And his clients? They are the ones who trust him to do what he does.


“My clients have looked at my work, seen what I do and trust me,” he said. “I never want someone to book me unless they know they like my work and that I am going to capture everything they need, and then some.”


For Matthew, the love of videography started in high school. He studied graphic design in college, because it was the closest thing to video he could find. Then, he found a guy online who was coaching videography and how to make it a business. 


“Long story short, my coach introduced me to a guy in Charleston who was shooting weddings and doing same day edits. I feel in love with the process and the idea of saving memories for people to relive. It’s a once in a lifetime thing for my clients,” he said. “I went back to school in Charleston and then stayed to start my business. Along the way, I fell in love with the area and the local venues.”


That passion for telling stories is still what drives him today.


“I tell my couples all the time, I wish I could go back and sit with my grandparents and watch their wedding videos. It’s all about preserving those memories,” Matthew explained. “All of our packages include the full ceremony from multiple angles so that our clients can sit down with future generations and relieve their first kiss, exchanging of vows and a highlight of their day.”


This is also why he wishes he encourages every couple to invest in videography.


“Many couples aren’t thinking about the future impact of video. Instead, they are thinking that’s a few thousand dollars I could put toward food or flowers. But it’s so important to save the memories,” he said.


On top of booking a videographer, his best piece of wedding advice is to take a few minutes alone together on wedding day.


“On our wedding day, we took 10 minutes to be by ourselves and talk to each other after the ceremony. It was my favorite moment,” he said.


If nothing else, Matthew makes sure to put couples in a pose that lets them just be together for a few minutes. That uninterrupted time together will create memories they never forget.


Still looking for a videographer to capture memories you can relieve with future generations? Contact Re-Peet Productions today by clicking HERE.