It’s not very often you hear a photographer say that photography is not the priority on wedding day. But that’s exactly how Amy Ellis feels. Instead, she thinks the priority for wedding day is enjoying the experience.


“If you enjoy the actual experience of wedding day and your interactions with me, you will value the photos that much more,” said Amy.


Even though Amy is just one of the wedding day vendors, she goes out of her way to help things go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Upon booking, she provides each couple with a bridal guide for photography so they know what to expect. Throughout the planning process, she makes it her goal to make her couples as comfortable with her as possible. When she shows up on wedding day, she isn’t just a vendor – she is their buddy.


“Allowing my couples to enjoy wedding day is as simple as giving them five minutes alone after family photos so they can enjoy the day and soak it in,” she said.


Amy’s laid-back personality is a calming presence in the midst of chaos. She takes the time to get to know each couple before booking because she wants to make sure that their personalities will mesh.


“I’d describe my photography as really focused on the fact that our couple’s get to marry the love of their life, surrounded by their family and friends,” says Amy. “Couples have said my photos are film-like but still full of color. For me, I want to make sure my images are as relatable today as they will be 30 years from now.”


Her joyous photos are full of laughter so it’s no surprise that she says “a lot of my couples are really silly goofballs that love to make each other laugh. They are planning a wedding that reflects them, not just traditions.”


But the best part of a wedding photographer for Amy? “It’s a little cliché but it is truly capturing the moments of the most important day of a couple’s life. Knowing that these photos will be treasured in an album, hung in a hallway and shared all over social media. As couple’s lookback at these photos they will remember where their love started and how it’s grown.”


From the father/daughter first look (she loves it when dad cries!) to the energetic, joyous sparkler exit that is the perfect ending of the day, Amy loves every moment of wedding day.


This animal lover who used to work on a farm taking care of bulls and chickens and as a dog walker (“it’s a great de-stressor to exercise and hang out with dogs all day!”), is your go-to gal if you are looking for a photography style somewhere in the middle of the dark, moody style and light, airy style.



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