It definitely runs in the family for Erin Henigan of E. Henigan Studios (and “it” is definitely talent). The wedding photographer extraordinaire has been shooting photos since shew as 15. Her mom has been a photographer her entire life so Erin grew up working with her, learning the tricks of the trade. She started off doing portrait work for school photos – learning lighting techniques, posing and the traditional elements of photography. From there, she slowly started growing into family, lifestyle and then wedding photography. Erin’s background in traditional really allows her to flourish in portrait work and documentary shooting, and combined with her eye for style her photography style has become an artistic, storytelling approach.


When it comes to business, both of her parents raised her with a strong work ethic. Her dad, the social butterfly, instilled in her great communication skills, while her mom taught her to always keepd riving and pushing even when people say you can't.


Today, Erin loves shooting weddings because she loves the idea of documenting such a momentous day in the lives of two families.


“It’s all about the family. Wedding day brings two families together and I want to document that story,” says Erin.


Her favorite part of shooting a wedding day? Capturing the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time as she’s coming down the aisle.


“I believe in the true romance and the raw emotion of walking down the aisle,” says Erin (she prefers a first look in the traditional sense). “Going down the aisle, it’s the first time the groom sees his bride in her dress, decked to the nines, and they usually always cry. I love capturing that moment. I really love that moment.”


Another cool element of Erin’s job is capturing the fashion and personality of each individual wedding day. She loves that each wedding is a representation of the bride and groom’s personalities and that everyone has a different energy and taste. People want to showcase what makes them different and she loves working with different personalities, vibes and overall energy. Erin believes everybody has a love story and she wants to share that story. She truly believes that portrait time of the two newlyweds and the family photos are timeless, making those moments some of the most important on wedding day.


When working with clients, Erin believes in going above and beyond with direct communication. She surveys client’s personalities in advance, learns their expectations and is then very realistic in discussing if their ideas are feasible. Erin strongly believes in building integrity and trust with her clients and this is why clients hire her. When asked why couples become E. Henigan Studio clients, she said: “I believe it’s my confidence and their confidence in me. I build a lot of trust with them and work really hard to make sure their day is seamless.”


Fun Facts about Erin:

  • She backpacked Europe in college and her favorite place was Hungary/Budapest. She’s from Pittsburgh and learned that the same architect designed the bridge in Budapest and Pittsburgh. The tiny random piece of home so far away from home was really cool to discover.
  • She has a Rottweiler, named Percy.
  • Erin is also a newlywed but can only claim that title for a few more months.
  • She’s a transplant from Pittsburgh and has lived in Charlotte for two years.


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