From elopements on the edge of a rock to huge family-focused weddings, Meg and Corey Easterday of Easterday Creative love meeting really awesome people with really unique stories that they get the chance to tell. 


“Everybody is so different; it’s really cool to see their personalities shining through on wedding day,” said the photographers. 


It’s no surprise that the connection with their couples is what makes them stand out among the competition. 


“We really care about actually connecting with our clients; it’s not just a job to us,” said Meg. “We love telling their story but also coming alongside the story. We truly become friends with the people we work with.”


Beyond the connection, you will find stunning photos that have a classic, timeless feel… with a bit more “oomph.”


“I always say I’m neither light and airy nor dark and moody in our style,” said Meg. “We like looking like film but not exactly. We like the bright vibrant colors of film but want to keep it true to the day and what the couple chose.”


Capturing the day exactly as it happens is the goal for the husband-wife duo. 


“We have a journalistic approach to photography and directing,” said Corey. “We don’t want to pretend this is how something happened. Of course, we capture details but beyond that we want to share what’s important to the couple and won’t drive anything to create a moment.”


All of this translates to working with adventurous couples who really care about their family and friends. 


“Our couples just care about the fact that they are getting married and capturing those memories. They want to be in the moment and be present. They are focused on each other and marking the beginning of their marriage,” they said.


While always professional, Meg and Corey can be goofy, chilled and laid back in ways. And that translates to people feeling very comfortable around them.


“Our couples like to have fun and so do we,” said Meg. “I tend to be on the dance floor as I’m capturing the dancing. We aren’t robots; we are people too.”


Letting the couple be themselves for a few minutes is the best part of the day to capture for the pair.


“We love when the couple gets to be by themselves for even a few minutes. Especially when they don’t do a first look, those first few minutes that they are together after getting married is so joyful knowing they have finally commited their lives to each other. I get weepy every time they invite me in to that moment to capture it,” said Meg.


The pair had a passion for photography long before they ended up in the industry with Corey taking photography classes in school and Meg ending up serving as a photographer in her role as public affairs specilist for the Air Force.


Meg started photography a few of her friends weddings five years ago and caught the “wedding bug.” 


“I love getting to capture this important day that marks the beginning of a new season of life,” she said. “Having photos there to relish and relieve the moments is really important. It’s important to me to make high quality phootgraphy attainable for all people so they have these memories.” 


And it’s that passion that fuels Easterday Creative three years after founding the business.


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