When you love people and love love stories like Micaela Sanders of Mac Jones Photography does, weddings become a natural fit. But before diving into the deep end, Micaela made sure to understand all facets of the wedding photography.


“I didn’t jump in on my own until I had second shot somewhere between 150to 200 weddings. I’ve learned from so many different people and it’s been nice that I can bring in more of one style if the bride wants that,” explained Micaela. “I have more of a wide range of couples because I am able to stretch myself. I’ve learned from so many other photographers that it allows me to not have to stay in my niche but, instead, reach outside of that and make any client happy.”


And for her, it’s all about making her couples happy. Which, with her ability to make anyone feel comfortable, is very easy to do.


“I make people feel comfortable,” she said. “I’m a very people-orientedperson, I just love to make people feel welcomed.”


It doesn’t hurt that she’s got amazing work to go along with her personality. While she is able to adapt her style, she loves to try and always keep things natural. She loves to show the actual color that things are, especially things that are natural like skin tone.


To go along with natural color, she likes to keep her shooting style natural, too.


“I don’t like to pose people too much, I give more cuesthan poses,” Micaela said.


Aside from color and style, Micaela’s place in the wedding world felt natural, too. After being gifted her first camera before going on an overseas trip, Micaela fell in love with photography. When she got back, she jumped into second shooting and even though she wasn’t sure at first, every photographer encouraged her along the way to make the jump into weddings because they knew it’s where she was meant to be.


Now, there’s no question this is what she was meant to do.


“I love people and I love love stories,” she said. “Every client is different, every couple is different, everyone’s story is different.


”Even though everyone’s story is a little different, there’s still usually that one moment everyone has on wedding day that Micaela loves the most.


“The moment with the bride right before anything happens –she’s all dressed and ready to go and really having a ‘this is it’ moment full of quiet excitement and anticipation,” explains Micaela.


After all, it’s all about capturing moments filled with love that keeps Micaela going.


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