When you work with Michelle at Michelle Harrison Signature Events you really do get a signature event. As a wedding planner, she gets to know each of her couples on a deep level and turns their story into a breathtaking visual backdrop for wedding day.

Bustld: What do you think makes the company different than the competition?

Michelle: My ability to tell a great story. I contribute that to my 15+ years of operating events internationally in 20 different countries. My experience working with one of the premier catering companies in Atlanta and having an opportunity to be a part of spectacular events. Also, as a corporate logistical manager, I’ve worked closely with hotels and venues, destination management companies, I’ve sourced décor, talent, transportation, etc. I’ve done events in Vegas, Italy and everywhere so I have seen what else is out there that we may not have here in Atlanta and I figure out ways to incorporate that and show couples things they haven’t seen before. I want this to be one of the most joyous events of their life and we take that very seriously. My goal is that our clients see that during our discovery time and then hire us.

Bustld: How would you describe the company’s style?

Michelle: I want our clients to know that my team and I absolutely love what we do. I take pride in curating and finding a team that has a passion for this like I do. That shows in our presentation. Part of what I do is I work super closely with our clients. I love connecting with people. Our couples are most often stylish with an age of 25-45, professionals at a graduate level or higher, enjoy traveling, vacationing, food. I also want to know their values, what they read, where they shop, etc. to make sure we are in alignment. I want a client who values what their guest experience is going to be at their wedding.

Bustld: Why do you think couples choose the company? 

Michelle: A few things. I do consider this a blessing to do what I do. And I think it shows. My ideal client sees the passion in what I do. The strategies I use in my planning process and the tools I use set me apart. I touch on what the process is going to be and try to stay as automated and tech-savvy as I can. If we effectively use these tools, it makes life easier for our clients. I think they connect to that, in addition to my passion and experience.

Bustld: What is the best part of being a wedding planner?

Michelle: For me it’s the collaboration. Not only between me and the client but me and the wedding pros I work with. I love connecting with people. I love to know their stories. I like sharing that with them. That to me makes me love what I do. I appreciate being an important part of someone’s best day of their life. I can look back and say I had something to do with this amazing event that they are going to remember for the rest of their life. Some of my clients have become really good friends. I do play dates with some of my former brides. We connect and they are my biggest marketing tool, I don’t do it just for that, but it’s a plus that comes out of it. I love building those authentic relationships.

Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Michelle: Logistics. I love the hustle and bustle of load in and supporting my other vendors. As far as the emotional side of it, I like to be in the room during the first kiss, and then the first dance. It’s a tearjerker for me.

Bustld: Tell us about the company’s backstory. How long has it been in business?

Michelle: Back in the day, I was recruited out of college to work the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games by Kodak. My name was selected from an advisor to be interviewed. It was my first paid gig as an event planner. I did not realize that events, in terms of behind the scenes, happened on that magnitude. I did that for 45 days and caught the bug for events. I went into restaurant management after that and stay connected with some people from the Olympics and two years later reached out and they turned me onto the corporate side of events. So, I started with corporate in 1998. I traveled the world and operated events all over the world. Similar to weddings, it was long hours and stressful. I decided one day the social side was my sweet spot.

I read an article about a local woman in Atlanta and met with her and started supporting her in high-end social events. She took me under her wing and then supported me going off on my own. In 2004 I incorporated my business. I still did corporate contracting but started focusing on social events – holiday parties, book signings, etc. Then started weddings on a very small scale. It just matched my personality. So, in 2018, I rebranded. It’s still a work in progress and I’m trying to tell my story to attract the ideal client to my business.

Bustld: Tell us about your role at the company. Tell us about your background and how you came to be in the wedding industry.

Michelle: I went to school for business marketing, business administration with a concentration in marketing and grew into events from there. As far as weddings go, it’s a warmth I get over my body from time to time. I love love. I love the stories. I love peoples’ stories, particularly in this age. The uniqueness of everyone’s stories – things you wouldn’t even think of. I love to take that and then create the soul of it visually in their wedding. Which I why I like getting personal. It’s part of the journey.

Bustld: Anything else you want couples to know?

Michelle: My goal is not to do 20 weddings a year. My goal is to really do quality, signature work. Specifically weddings for a handful of clients that respect what I bring to the table and vice versa. When they are interviewing me, I’m interviewing them as well. I’ve come to realize that not every client is for me. I have made the mistake of taking on business that I’d “figure out,” and that was detrimental.



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