If wedding planning is starting to bring stress headaches and visions of eloping, Nikki Sciurba, owner of Carolina Love Events, may be just the person for you. Her calming presence makes wedding planning feel smooth and relaxed, which makes her an easy choice for couples looking to hire a wedding planner.


“I’m definitely more of a laid back kind of wedding planner. I hear all the time from my couples how calm I was on wedding day and how I made everything seem so smooth and relaxed,” said Nikki. “That’s my approach to planning in general.”


With more than 10 years of experience planning more than 300 weddings, it’s no surprise she’s an expert at making wedding planning easy and low stress.


She has also seen weddings from all points of view. Nikki has worked in a variety of roles for caterers and hotels both in North Carolina and on the West Coast before relocating to Asheville to be closer to family and start her own wedding planning company. 


What started as a way to pay for school quickly turned into her passion.


“I love how every wedding is different. It keeps you on your toes and you never really know what to expect,” she said. “I also love the relationships I form with my clients. I’m still friends with a lot of my past brides and I love seeing them create their own families.”


Those relationships are critical to how Nikki designs each wedding. 


“I like working with couples that are looking for a really individualized wedding that is a great example of them as a couple. My favorite part is bringing in their relationship and how it reflects their style on their wedding day,” she explained. “The couple that is looking for that more creative aspect is definitely my style.”


Seeing how that personal approach comes together on wedding day is the best part of the job for Nikki. 


“I just love it when everything comes together the day of. That moment when the bride is walking down the aisle and you feel like everything has come together. It makes it worth it, every time,” she said.


So her favorite moments on wedding day are no surprise.


“I have two. I love when the bride and groom get a sneak peek of the reception venue. All of the details have come together and they get to see it for the first time,” said Nikki. “I also love the moment when they join hands at the end of the aisle. It’s always really sweet and I often times tear up a little.”


The wedding planner and her team also offer floral design for their clients as the icing on the cake to make planning that much easier.


Still looking for a wedding planner to make your planning more relaxed? Contact the Carolina Love Events team today by clicking HERE.