Making sure her client’s are educated and glam is what Norelle Baker of Makeup by Norelle B loves about being a makeup artist.


“I take a lot of time to make sure my clients are educated,” said Norelle. “It’s not just about the day of experience. I am really passionate about my clients feeling good every day, not just on your wedding day.”


Which is no surprise since the makeup expert also works as a beauty educator Monday through Friday.


“Weddings give me an opportunity to be a great business woman. I am really passionate about running my business and I get to fill my cup as a beauty expert at the same time,” she said.


Offering a total experience (and of course the connection!) is why brides book Norelle.


“I definitely put a huge focus on the experience for my clients,” said Norelle. “I listen and take very detailed notes during the trials. I go above and beyond for them. And I think I’m pretty cool so we definitely devleop a bit of a friendship.” 


Norelle’s style can best be described as classic with a smidge of glamour.


“I like to create a really pretty, polished look with a little bit of glamour,” she said. “My ideal client is someone who wants to look like a glammed up version of herself on wedding day.”


And getting to see the finished product is what she lives for.


Norelle said, “I really live for that moment when the bride gets to see herself in the whole package: the hair, makeup and dress. Then mom gets to see her for the first time. Those little quiet moments fill my soul. It’s like a first look with yourself.”


It was friends who encouraged Norelle to get in to the wedding industry, even though she never thought working in weddings was something she would do (and now can’t imagine her life without it!).


“I have been working in the world of makeup for 14 years and this is my sixth year of putting the pedal to the metal in the business. My friends asked me to do makeup for their weddings and then I realized it was something I really enjoyed,” she said. 


But the best moment on wedding day for Norelle? 


“I literally always look for what the groom looks like when he sees the bride,” she said. “It makes my heart want to explode. I always comb through the photos for that one when I get pictures back after the wedding.”


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Photo Credit: Deeana Kourtney Photography