Witnessing a first look is one of the most powerful things Olivia Douglas of Quilt & Color Photography has ever seen. And being a part of moments like that is what motivates her to have a genuine investment in her client’s lives. 


“I take our relationships with clients beyond just business, and really become friends with our clients,” said Olivia. “I don’t separate business and friendship. I truly enjoy being involved in people’s lives beyond just the wedding day.”


The connection that is created is why couples, especially those that are laid back and ready for an adventure, are immediately drawn to the photographer.


“People feel comfortable with me from the beginning,” she said. “I always ask pointed questions to get to know our couples, from the first email through the consultation. I am a pretty laid back person so people feel like they can relax, and be free and goofy with their person.”


Being able to be true to themselves as a couple is reflected in the photos she produces. 


“I really enjoy whenever people trust us with getting a little outside the box. I am the kind of person who loves to climb mountains or hike for miles to get the best shots,” Olivia said. “But no matter the location, our couples are truly in love and there is always evidence of that love wherever we are. When they walk in the room, you can tell there is a connection between them, even if it isn’t ‘loud’ love.”


And of course, the photos she produces speak for themselves (so gorgeous!).


“I think my style is a little more on the moody spectrum but that is so broad. My photos are a little bit darker and underexposed. I would say modern, clean moody and more true to color when asked to describe it,” she said.


The artistic approach to photography is true to Olivia’s mindset as she considers herself a creative in many aspects, including painting and music.


“It is so interesting because I feel like in the photography field, there is nothing new being created… which is kind of sad to me,” she said. “I am dedicated to authenticity which perhaps is what makes me different in that I am always seeking that out. I want to create something new with every wedding – which means I am not doing the exact same poses or locations every time. I really try to tell the story for who we are telling the story about, to exemplify our clients.”


Olivia has been doing photography forever but officially started the business three years ago. While it began as shooting senior sessions for friends, it wasn’t long before she began venturing into weddings. Photographing a cousin’s engagement session and a wedding (in the heat of the summer, no less!) kicked off her passion for capturing photos of people in love.


“I really thrive on having a challenge and that’s what initially attracted me to weddings. I am continually trying to beat the last wedding’s photos, and get better and better and better,” said Olivia. 


Of course, being a part of such an important day is what really sets weddings apart.


“Getting to see people on their most important day is wild,” she said. “There is a different energy for that than anything else. Seeing people that vulnerable on the day is so special. As a person who desires authenticity, it comes even more to life in that moment.” 


Capturing that candid love is what it is all about:


“I really love being invited in to people’s stories. Seeing the uniqueness of what they have to tell. It’s such an incredible honor to be asked in to a season as beautiful as a wedding. There is so much joy in seeing people in this booming season, at the height of their love. For me, it’s just the story. Being able to share that and tell that. Photos bring hope to people.”


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