In order to achieve their fine-art look, and a bold and dramatic product that wows their couples, Orlando and Lisette Suarez of Viridian Images Photography place an emphasis on creativity. Their straight-forward and transparent approach makes it simple for couples to connect with them. Read on to learn more…


Bustld: What do you think makes you different in your field?

Orlando: I think our creativity is the thing that makes us stand out in this market. Overall, as well, simply because we tend to reach out for a lot of different things in our portraits and in our coverage. Besides our photojournalism, we do a lot of reflections and shadows and use a lot of materials that are not common in order to achieve certain looks.  


Bustld: How would you describe your style?

Orlando: I’d like to call it fine art photojournalism. We spend the majority of our day documenting. It’s very straight forward, camera unaware type coverage. But when it comes to portraits, it’s more fine art and a little unique. We’re definitely not light and airy. We’re a little more bold and dramatic when it comes to our look.


Bustld: How would you describe your ideal couple?

Lissette: We like to work with couples that photography is very important to. One of the things they are looking forward to is being able to relive that moment when they receive their photos. They value photography and they want art. We also want to give them something they are proud of, something that the majority of people don’t have.

Orlando: Our couples are usually in their early to mid 30’s and really enjoy things like art festivals and movies. Those kinds of things seem to be in common with most of the clients we have.


Bustld: Why do your clients hire you? 

Orlando: I think we have a very straight forward and transparent approach to how we deal with couples. Right from the start, we try to get at an early comfort level with them. We don’t try to be salesy or anything of that sort. We get to the heart of what they like and ask a lot of questions of them. We try to break those barriers down early. And, we feel really good about the product we put forth, not just pictures but everything that comes along with that. That combination – how we deal with them, how we shoot with them and the end product – all aligns to getting couples booked.

Lissette: A lot of our couples end up telling us that our vision, our art is what actually drives them. When they see our portfolio, they are attracted to that.


Bustld: What is the best part of being a photographer? 

Orlando: There are so many good parts to it. The ability to create on the spot. It’s a very problem-solving type of job. I think that is a huge part of it; it fuels creativity. Sometimes you have minimal time to work with and you have to balance many personalities. When you’re able to get images that communicate what is going on, that’s the best part. If we have a couple that is stressed because the wedding was behind or there were challenges with the family, we show them the back of the camera. Then their faces light up, even with all those challenges. That’s a big part of it. It’s a big payback for us.

Lissette: Also, the hugs at the end of the night. They love how we work and see how we hustle to make it happen.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Lissette: I really like the toasts. You start seeing the emotion, the family, the love. How much there is love all around us at that moment. Hearing their story, you can’t help but be connected to that. To me that’s what draws the day. It personifies the day.

Orlando: I like the getting ready. From my standpoint, I’m always with the guys. I like the fact that I can be the fly on the wall and see them interacting with each other with their guard down. When they are in the hotel room getting ready, having a good time, telling jokes. The freedom of that and being able to document it from a documentary standpoint. Then, when we actually get into doing the wedding portraits. That’s where we really start pulling out all the stops in terms of creativity. How do we make something for this couple that is beyond just, “look at the camera and smile.” We will give them the traditional wedding portrait but also, how can we also make something that you can call art and put it on a big wall over a couch.


Bustld: How long have you been in business? What is your business back story? Why weddings?

Orlando: A long, long time ago, Lissette studied photography. It was always a love for her. I was on the other sides of the arts – a lot of painting, drawing and animation. But we both come from an artistic world. We both got into corporate life and strayed away from art because we thought it would be the better paying gig. You start missing the things you really love, and the arts was that for us. Around 2010, I asked her to quit her job so we could start slowly building a business. We went about the process of getting insurance, setting up a business properly and all those things. Built it slowly from there to get back to what we love. We love the variety of weddings even though the process is fairly similar week to week. Every couple and all of their family and friends brings a certain amount of variety into it that you just can’t get elsewhere. With weddings, every weekend is an adventure. Also, the danger of it – there are certain parts of the day you can’t mess up. There’s no do-over for weddings. So, there’s a certain adrenaline that you can’t get anywhere else.

Lissette: We just love love. In the sense that being surrounded by so much emotion and love. It feels good that there is still love in the world.


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