How sweet is it when your wedding planner is so in tune with your vision that she seems to be reading your mind? Clients of Honeysuckle Events — founded by Rebecca Hoeckele when she relocated to Wilmington from Northern Virginia three years ago — say it happens all the time.


“They tell me I have a way of asking questions that makes me even better at getting what they want than they are,” Rebecca says, adding that she loves being so “in the zone” with a couple that she can often put their thoughts into words a split second before they do.


That’s not surprising when you take her background into account: Before moving into wedding planning full time in 2008, she spent years in magazine publishing. “It seems like an odd career path,” she says with a laugh, “but I actually draw on that background every day.


“Knowing what questions to ask to really understand who my couples are and what they value most — as well as which details are critical to their story and which can be edited out — has absolutely made me a better planner. And all the experience juggling details and deadlines has been a lifesaver.”


Storytelling is part of her DNA, Rebecca says, and that’s apparent when you look at how intensely personal each wedding she plans is. “I love it when every detail — from the design of the invitations and the music selections for the ceremony, to the flowers in the bouquets, the style of the centerpieces, and the choices on the menu — reflects the couple’s priorities and unique story.” 


She cut her teeth in event planning on children’s parties, starting with birthday parties for her son that became more elaborate and immersive every year with three-dimensional props, custom-designed games, and even specially compiled soundtracks. Over time, she took on parties for other children, and then for their parents, and then for some of those same kids when they started getting married. 


While her own style incorporates lots of vintage touches and a smidgen of “safari lodge,” recalling what she describes as a dream trip on safari in South Africa, she says her clients’ styles run the gamut from earthy and organic to black-tie glam. “What they all have in common are personal touches: Grandma’s pedestal table for the cake display, custom stationery with a watercolor design that includes a cherished puppy, table names that reflect trips they’ve taken together,” she says. 


“I’m so much less interested in trends — no matter how popular — than in the details that are really authentic to a particular couple. When you plan this way, every wedding ends up timeless.”


Devoted to making her everyday surroundings beautiful (she says she’s a sucker for a gorgeous table, and admits to having more china and linens in her pantry than she does food), Rebecca adds that many of her clients have sought her out for her design flair as well as her project management skills. “It’s not the world’s most common combination of talents,” she says, “but it’s perfect for couples who know what they love but can’t figure out how to pull it all together.”


 As much as she loves planning the party, though, Rebecca’s adamant that the wedding day should be all about the relationship:


“My favorite part of every wedding day is when the couple’s eyes meet for the first time, whether it’s during a first look or when the bride appears at the back of the aisle. I just think the first time they see each other that day is full of magic.”


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