For something unique and out of the box, the Georgia Museum of Art is just the place. The modern and contemporary space allows couples to be creative and offer guests a curated experience at their wedding. Read on to learn more from the museum’s senior event coordinator, Rylee Meyer.


Bustld: What do you think makes your venue unique?

Rylee: The décor style with the art and the galleries available. It doesn’t require a lot to make the space pretty, it’s already pretty. Couples just need to add a personal touch and the basics, like linens. For those interested in keeping an eye on budget, we help with that because with us, you already start with a good base. We don’t have galleries open for every event, but with an event during regular business hours you get access to the galleries. And galleries are always available to open additionally for a more unique touch. If that’s more your crowd, then you could offer tours opposed to standard dancing.


Bustld: How would you describe your ideal couple? What style weddings do you see work best in the space? 

Rylee: The space works really well with creative people and more open-minded couples. It’s a unique venue and the layout is not standard so, when it comes to logistics, like seating and buffet and dance floor, our couples need to be open to alternatives. Because of that, small intimate gatherings work great in the space because they have more options, logistically. We are also a great space for the statement couple. Someone who doesn’t want to do what everyone else is doing. Our space can go contemporary, modern or hipster. We like to think outside the box and use the venue as more than just a venue.


Bustld: Why do your clients choose your venue? 

Rylee: With all the options available, our couples want something different whether that be with our layout, galleries or art display.


Bustld: What’s your favorite moment on wedding day? 

Rylee: I appreciate the calm before the storm. When the room is all set and everything’s on the tables, when things are ready to go, and we are just waiting for guests to arrive. Usually the bride will come walk through on the way to the ceremony. At that point, they aren’t really worried about what they need to do and can take it all in. We get to talk to them, and they are usually very thankful and ooh and ahh over how things come together. We get to see them without the worry at that point. She usually takes a sigh of relief over how her vision actually came together beautifully and heads to the ceremony.


Bustld: Tell us about your background. 

Rylee: I started in events in 2013 working in Birmingham [Alabama]. I helped manage venues and plan weddings but also worked on other large-scale events. That gave me a love of logistics and taught me to make sure pertinent details, like flow and bottlenecks are thought of. Because of that, I’ll always be able to tell you the best way to work with the venue. After Birmingham, I went to start a special events department in property development in Knoxville. I helped form a marketing department there but handled a lot myself so l learned to work smarter, not harder. I learned how to get stuff done with limited staff. Then, I landed in Lexington as a banquet event manager after that and learned what’s required of staff, event management and sales. Now, I’ve been at the museum for almost a year.


Bustld: Why host weddings at the venue? 

Rylee: Weddings give us the chance to challenge our space. Most every wedding wants something different. It’s a challenge to make the space work the way a couple wants but still mind all the details. It’s a chance to get creative. I don’t like to tell people no unless I have exhausted every resource and looked at it 100 different ways. If I can get it done I will.


Bustld: Why do you love working at your venue? 

Rylee: The people I work with are wonderful, they are the most giving people. In corporate, everyone is trying to get ahead or use the “that’s not my job” line or are trying to get things done faster. Here, everyone is so helpful and nice. It’s a change of pace and it’s a relief. Aside from the people, I love the space. No matter what, I can make the space work for clients. I bend over backwards and help them create their vision. The venue is unique enough to pull off a lot of different looks. I also love the fact that anyone who books an event is helping keep the museum and art free to visitors.


Interested in hosting your event at the museum? Reach out to Rylee and her team at the Georgia Museum of Art by clicking HERE.