Bright, light, joyful and happy. Those are the words we would use to describe the work of Samantha and Matt Laffoon, the husband-wife duo behind Samantha Laffoon Photography. These primarily natural light photographers strive to create a connection with each couple for photos that will become keepsakes for generations.


“Our style is bright, light and airy. We want to capture joyful, happy moments as well as the more intimate, romantic ones. We look to be outside, using the sun and the light that is naturally available,” said the photographers. “When we come indoors for receptions or nighttime portraits, we bring lighting equipment so there is still plenty of light to create a cohesive feel with your photos.”


Romantic couples who have a beautiful vision for the day that they want captured are often attracted to this style. And getting to meet and connect with both photographers before wedding day is a huge selling point.


“Our clients love that they get to meet both of us from the beginning. They know who is going to be there capturing their whole day,” said Samantha. “We strive to connect with our couples to create a comfortable environment for them. We provide a complimentary engagement session so the four of us can connect, and the couple can get comfortable in front of the camera.”


In addition to becoming a trusted friend before wedding day, it helps that the pair can demonstrate poses.


“We joke about it, but we can demonstrate poses which is pretty helpful, especially getting people comfortable,” added Matt. “Also, the groom knows who is going to be photographing him which is a big deal since you don’t know who the second shooter will be a lot of times.”


The duo has been in business for more than seven years. Samantha went to school for art therapy and has always loved art. That passion is how she got into photography in 2010, while living in Kentucky. When they moved to Charlotte, they decided to officially launch their business.


“I love the opportunity to be creative. I love capturing portraits, and photographing people and the moments between a couple,” said Samantha.


Which made weddings a natural choice for Samantha and Matt. 


“Weddings are one of the most important days of your life. Once the wedding day is over, the images are all you are left with. Those images will be passed down from generation to generation. We love being a part of that and being able to share these moments,” said the photographers.


And their favorite moment to capture?


“For me, it’s right after ‘the kiss’ during the bride and groom’s recessional. There is so much joy on their faces. They are so happy and excited as they recess back down the aisle,” said Samantha.


And Matt chose, “The moment of anticipation when the guys are tucked away, especially when they are nervous, right before the first look or walk down the aisle. You can see the guys on edge. At this point, I have gotten to know them, and can relate to them because I felt the exact same way. I like to talk to them and help them calm down.”


Knowing you have someone to help you through those moments, and capture everything from the anticipation to the happiness, is something every couple wants!


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