With a laid-back approach and genuine warmth, Sarah Beach of Sarah Beach Photography focuses on truly getting to know her clients so she can capture their story.


“I invest a lot of time getting to know my clients. When we meet in person the first time, I want to know who they are. The more I know, the better I can shoot their wedding,” said the photographer. “I also share about myself so it’s always more of a friendly conversation than a sales pitch. My clients really appreciate that.”


Aside from her compassion, Sarah’s editing style stand outs to her upbeat couples.


“My editing style is in between of light and airy, and moody. I like the shadows that moody edits have to offer but also the pure whites that the light and airy style has,” she explained.


That paired with Sarah’s attention to all the pretty details makes her the perfect fit for couples who value both detail and candid photos.


“My shooting style is a split between portraits and details. My couples love detail shots but they also want couple photos and candid photos,” she said. “Almost every bride I’ve ever worked with has told me they want me to capture the moments, so I spend most of my time shooting candid moments. I also create candid fun during portraits instead of posed moments.”


That love for watching candid moments unfold is what initially attracted Sarah to weddings who has been in business since 2016. Prior to that, she was a family photographer. She shot one wedding and got the bug –she had to domore. She took the time to educate herself completely before confidently jumping back into weddings.


“When I got to the point, I knew what I was doing, I jumped into weddings and never looked back,” Sarah said. “I chose weddings because they are fun. I love watching love and truly enjoy being there to capture someone’s day. It makes me happy to see other people happy.”


Capturing that love and happiness is truly the best part of what she does, in her opinion.


“Weddings are all about love and happiness, I love being there for that,” she said. “I love being at weddings, capturing weddings and meeting new people at weddings.”


But the best moment of the wedding day for her?


“The moment the couple walks back down the aisle. Weddings are stressful getting tothe aisle but in that moment all the stress is gone and now they couple can enjoy themselves. They are loving on each other and excited. You get to witness that ‘we just got married love.’”


And there is nothing sweeter than that moment of love.


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