Walk in to the Statesville Country Club ballroom and you will instantly fall in love. And when you find out how easy it is to get married there? That’s definitely the icing on the cake. 

“We offer so much here. We are an all-inclusive location, but you can also add your own DIY touch,” said Bria Argrett, the club’s Assistant General Manager. “We provide all the basics, then you personalize it with your own centerpieces or specialty pastries. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”

Couples choose the club because of the convenience factor, which ensures they won’t have too much on their plate when it comes to planning.

“Our couples want to be creative but don’t want all the stress of planning a wedding from top to bottom,” she said. “They don’t want to have to worry about renting tables and linens, but they do want to bring in their own cake and décor to make the day their own.”

The venue lends itself to personalization with a neutral backdrop inside a beautiful building that was recently revamped when the club was purchased in November 2013. 

“From one Saturday to the next, every wedding is unique. One weekend last year particularly stands out to me. We had a 300-person wedding that was glamorous with glitz, diamonds and pink everywhere on Friday. The next night, we had a 100-person wedding that was rustic, woodsy and laid back. That’s the epitome of what we do here,” said Bria.

Of course, there has to be an incredible team behind every wedding venue to make a couple’s dream possible. 

“The group of people that work for me are truly the best part of the venue,” said Bria. “They are really dedicated and passionate about what they do. We have a family style atmosphere that makes coming to work very enjoyable.”

Bria started working at the club’s sister property in college at the pool café. She eventually worked her way up to the club house, then banquet staff, and then banquet manager. She worked under an event coordinator where she learned everything she knows. Her original plans to pursue a degree in law quickly changed and she graduated with her bachelor’s degree a semester early so she could continue to grow within the company.

While she works on a variety of social events, she truly loves weddings. 

“I love getting to see two people express themselves through their wedding. Weddings are so unique to an individual’s personality. It’s so cool to see that come through on wedding day,” she said.

And never does your personality come through more than during Bria’s favorite wedding day moment, the cake cutting.

“When a couple cuts the cake, you can tell a lot about their personality. Do they shove it in each other’s faces? Do they politely feed it to each other? It says a lot about the couple and their relationship.”

Still looking for a wedding venue to make your own that will also ease your wedding planning worries? Reach out to the Statesville Country Club today HERE!