Behind the gates, on acres and acres of green lawns and gardens is a totally private estate that offers the most picturesque backdrop for a timeless and elegant wedding day. HollyOaks Plantation specializes in bespoke weddings that epitomize luxury thanks to the historic grandeur of the estate. We chatted with Stephanie Maupin to tell us even more about the beautiful wedding venue in this week’s Know Your Pro…


Bustld: What do you think makes your venue unique?

Stephanie: We only book one wedding per day or per weekend, depending on how the couple reserve us. We don’t stack events. We offer a more refined event and offer guests an experience of being on a southern estate.


Bustld: How would you describe your ideal couple? What style weddings do you see work best in the space?

Stephanie:  A couple looking for a timeless, elegant event surrounded by historic grandeur. We’ve hosted everything from rehearsal dinners to bridesmaid luncheons to wedding receptions followed by morning after brunch. Couples can have all their events in one place. From formal events on the lawn with fireworks to BBQ picnics for receptions with oysters. Most of the people who tour want a refined look and feel of a southern estate. We specialize in bespoke weddings that epitomize luxury.


Bustld: What style weddings do you see work best in the space?

Stephanie: We have very few limitations on the planning process. We encourage people to make weddings as unique as their love story. There are no limitations on their theme or style. We can really run the gamut from the light and airy garden to the dark and moody garden. Every event is custom designed.


Bustld: Why do your clients choose your venue?

Stephanie: Clients choose the venue because of the trees and garden areas. We have a 500-year-old live oak that’s beautiful. The space is completely private, behind a gate on acres and acres of green lawns. The garden’s lawns and estate’s home set an ambiance and make guests feel like they are invited into in a family. It’s a warm atmosphere that speaks luxury. Our pine cottage, built in 1929, is a wonderful and cozy place that a couple can call home during the week of their wedding. It’s a cozy place for them to nestle in and be on the estate all weekend long. We are only 15 minutes from downtown Savannah, so there’s access to nightlife if they want to go into town. It’s a straight shot and then they can come back to the relaxing peace of the property.


Bustld: What’s your favorite moment on wedding day?

Stephanie: We have a historic bronze bell on the property and have put it in a prominent place adjacent to settings where weddings are. It’s a huge bell that our couples ring at the start of the service or at the exit. It has Irish and Scottish influence. Bells announced to the world that they are celebrating a wedding. It was viewed as a symbol of happiness and a couple’s new life together. So, we incorporate the historic bell, and it tells guests that it is time to celebrate.


Bustld: Tell us about your background.

Stephanie: My background is in public relations and marketing. I have coordinated weddings and events for years and always in the back of my mind there was a nudge of a dream. It’s so rare for an estate to come on the market, and HollyOaks absolutely took our breath away. We spent the last two years renovating the home and bringing the gardens back. It hadn’t been maintained in 50 to 60 years. My whole family was involved. My son Jacob is 21 and a master woodworker and builder. He does a lot of the renovations and builds a lot of custom fixtures and bars. My daughter is the bridal concierge. She’s the assistant for the day-of bride and mother. She ties up loose ends but is not involved in actually coordinating the wedding. My dad oversees lawn maintenance. As a family, we put a lot of thought from their perspective into this.


Bustld: Why weddings?

Stephanie: Weddings are just the ultimate symbol and declaration to the world that someone has found their one true love. Sacrament to a marriage of vows to forsake all others for that one person. Jay and I have been married for 30 years; we were college sweethearts. We still go on weekly date nights. Marriage isn’t always as easy as the wedding, it’s a mindful commitment. It takes work, it takes energy, a focus on mutual goals. It makes sense to share HollyOaks with our couples. It would be selfish to keep it to ourselves.


Connect with Stephanie and her team to chat about your upcoming wedding by clicking HERE.