A private mountaintop venue in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina is as picturesque as it gets when it comes to a wedding venue. And that’s exactly what The Cabin Ridge offers. The “off the grid”venue offers unmatched views and impeccable customer service.

“Most couples inquiring with us are looking for a private, outdoor venue with great mountain views,”said Andy Owensby, the venue’s owner. “Not only are the mountain views wonderful, but the due west view yields amazing sunsets and endless photo opportunities. The 2,400 square foot covered pavilion offers a beautiful reception area after the outdoor ceremony.”

The venue also offers a flexible vendor list, which gives couples a bit more control over their budget. This flexibility lends itself to couples with a DIY mindset who are interested in doing a lot of the planning themselves. At the same time, the venue welcomes couples who work with planners to bring their vision to life.

“We attract a broad range of couples but what they all have in common is want to have natural surroundings in a peaceful environment for their wedding day,”she said.

That means the venue has seen everything from simplistic natural décor to classy casual elegance. But before it ever became a wedding destination, the farm had a rich mountain history.

“The venue property has been in my family for several generations,”Andy said. “The cabin on the grounds that serves as the ‘getting ready’ place for the bride and bridesmaids was once my grandparents’ home. The grounds were once filled with vegetable gardens and fruit trees, allowing them to live off the land.”

The farm was a place of peace and tranquility for Andy, so shewas passionate about keeping the property in the family and sharing a piece of that tranquility with others. 

“For years, it has been my passion to protect this wonderfully unique setting from development, to maintain a place for folks to step back into simpler times,”she said “All the forestland around The Cabin Ridge has been placed in a conservation easement, forever preserving it in its natural state. Rainwater is collected from the barn roof into large storage tanks to provide gravity water for the on-site restrooms. Solar power has been installed for all the power needs at the venue.”

All of her hard work has come to fruition. The beautiful property has quickly become a highly sought-after wedding venue.

And one of the unforeseen benefits of starting the venue? 

“Getting to meet the young folks! I am in my early 70’s now so it’s easy to lose touch with young folks unless you are around them often. It’s enlightening to hear what they are doing, the areas of work they are pursuing and what their aspirations are,”Andy said.

While she set out to keep and maintain the property, she found what she really loves is being a part of the positive energy that helps make a beautiful wedding happen.

Still looking for a mountaintop venue for your wedding day? Contact The Cabin Ridge team today by clicking HERE.