A beautiful iconic house, at an affordable price, is often exactly what couples are looking for when it comes to selecting a venue. And that’s exactly what Penn House in Reidsville, North Carolina provides. 


The home, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is a stunning 12,500-square-foot home on three acres of land. It was the original home of Charles and Stella Penn in 1908 when he served as Vice President of American Tobacco. After the home burned in 1931, it was rebuilt in the Colonial Revival style a year later. 


Luckily, in 1980 the home was donated to the city to be used for special events, including weddings.


“The Penns were vital to our community here in Reidsville for many years. The home is still an asset that the community can use, and they really embrace the history of the home,” said Judy Yarbrough, the Penn House manager. “While the home is open for tours, most guests have never seen the house before they were invited to an event there. It’s a beautiful home and lovely atmosphere to work in.”


The elegant venue features an impressive Corinthian portico and is furnished in antiques, offering unique character in every room in the home.


“Couples can utilize the entire home, both the main house and the grounds, so we see all different types of wedding styles,” said Judy. “It can be dressed up or dressed down, which means we see everything from checkered tablecloths to over the top elegance.”


And couples flock from all over the country to personalize the space. 


“Our couples are very diverse and come from all over. We host many destination weddings for couples, many of which have never set foot inside our venue before their wedding day,” she said. 


Couples, local or not, are attracted to venue for the ease of planning.


“We are very easy to work with. We allow them to do what they want and use any vendor, with the exception of catering. But even there we have a preferred vendor list that offers a lot of flexibility,” said the venue manager. “Plus, you get a lot of amenities – 12,500 square feet of space, three beautiful landscaped acres, tables, chairs and a nine-hour rental. We only book one wedding per day. And the price is so reasonable.”


There is also a staff person on-site to help manage your wedding day. And the team is in constant contact with their couples throughout planning. 


“Once you book at our venue, we help along the way with things like checklists and suggestions. We follow up the entire planning process. Our clients become like family to us through the whole thing,” she said. 


Believe it or not, weddings weren’t always part of Judy’s destiny. 


“I started here 20 years ago, but my background is in radio and TV. My mom was aging, and my sister was here, so I came back to spend time with her. I got this job doing city marketing and managing the venue. I have loved it ever since. The home is an asset to the community and people love this home,” she said 


The love for weddings developed quickly.


“Part of it is you are dealing with people on a happy occasion. It’s an event that normally only happens once in their lives. I’ve watched this change throughout the years as weddings have evolved. Such a happy occasion makes your job very rewarding,” said Judy.


And her favorite moment? When the bride walks out to head to the ceremony. Judy says when the stress level is down and the bride’s only focused on the excitement and happiness is what she loves most about weddings. 


Still looking for a wedding venue for your big day? Contact Judy and her team at the Penn House by clicking HERE.