A bridesmaid is so important at a wedding. She is the one who has been by the bride's side through the ups and downs and gets to stand next to her on the biggest day of her life... she needs to look good.

Not only does she provide the bride with the best support needed before she walks down the aisle, but a bridesmaid is crucial for setting the mood of a wedding. Her dress alone reflects the color scheme, the season and the bride's taste in her wedding.

We like to think that bridesmaids are the picture frame, while the bride is the picture. They surround her, love her and make her stand out. Some brides want that picture frame to look the same with one dress in one color, giving her wedding party a traditional, uniform look. Other brides like to spice it up a bit and have a variety in the style of her bridal party. How does she do that, you ask?

Here are a few mix and match bridesmaid dress ideas:


A popular trend with today's bridal parties is to pick one color for the bridesmaids to wear, but let them pick their dress. That way you can stick to the color your heart desires while letting your besties show off their style. You can also go with the popular wrap dress and let your bridesmaids wrap it however they like so they are all in one color but the styles are different. This mix-and-match madness is cute, fun and appealing to the eye! 



Can't decide on one color for the bridesmaid dress? Don't worry, pick one color per girl! One dress style gives you that uniform look but the different colors will give your variety. This also lets your bridesmaid wear a color that really compliments her skin tone so all your girls look fabulous!



We know, decisions are hard. If you can't decide on a dress OR a color then don't decide! Have your bridesmaids wear different dresses of different colors! Many of our bridal parties have taken this route and looked like show-stoppers. These dresses are bursting with the bridesmaid's personality but are still a nod to the bride’s style.


Photo credit: Jordan Maunder