There’s no question that weddings aren’t cheap – for anyone involved, including your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids are your ride or die group of girls who will do anything to make your day perfect. So make sure you consider the effect some of your decisions may have on them.


One of the first expenses your bridesmaids will encounter is your bachelorette party. The amount of the expense is really dependent on what you do. If your bridesmaids have to fly to the destination, that adds a large cost. If you picked out a fancy city center hotel, that adds a large cost. Not to mention all of the food, drink and entertainment costs while you are actually enjoying the trip! Keep these things in mind as you pick your destination. Maybe keep the location a car ride away but splurge on the house or hotel you stay in. Just like with marriage, it’s all about compromise!

Bridal Shower

Shortly after the bachelorette will likely be your bridal shower. Depending on who is hosting the shower, your bridesmaids may be contributing to the cost of the shower. Aside from that, there’s a cost if they have to travel to where your shower is, as well as the gift they will probably buy you for the shower. 



Just like with these other pre-wedding events, your bridesmaids might have to travel to your wedding destination. There’s also night of accommodations they might have to arrange.   


It’s rare that a bridesmaid already has a bridesmaid dress in their closet that matches what you are asking them to wear, so that is almost always a cost to consider. Keep that in mind when you are selecting the dress for them. If you’ve already asked them to spend x, y and z on bachelorette party travel and wedding day travel, try to look for dress options that are a little more budget friendly or considering gifting them the dress (or a portion of the cost) as their bridesmaid gift.

Hair and Makeup

Depending on whether you are asking your bridesmaids to get hair and makeup done or if you are letting them decide on their own, the beauty cost is always a factor to consider. Sometimes beauty companies will offer a bundle price if you do both services, so that is something to look for when looking for a beauty artist for wedding day. Just like with the dress, offering to pay for one or both services for your bridesmaids is a great gift idea for them!

Photo: Connor Barber Photography