You’ve been dreaming about your wedding for so long, it’s no wonder that you want to hit the ground running with planning. Before diving head first into contacting this photographerand that venue, make sure you put together a plan. With a plan, things will move much smoother and hopefully lead to less stress for you!


A majority of wedding planning is going to revolve around booking vendors, so we’re going to help you put together a plan for booking your vendor team. There are going to be a lot of vendors you need to add to your team, so who should you start with?


If you plan on having a full-service planner(and you should!), then they will be the first vendor you need to book because they will help you with everything else and basically you can stop reading now. 


If a full-service planner isn’t in the cards for you, or you aren’t sure yet, then here’s the typical order vendors get booked in:


  1. Venue
  2. Photographer
  3. Entertainment (DJ or Band)
  4. Videographer
  5. Caterer
  6. Beauty
  7. Florist
  8. Rentals
  9. Baker
  10. Coordinator
  11. Officiant
  12. Transportation
  13. Enhancements


Obviously, this isn’t how it always happens, but you certainly don’t want to book your transportationbefore your caterer. Look at it from an availability point of view. A baker can bake multiple cakesand service multiple weddings in a weekend, while a DJ can only do one. Anyone with limited availability is a higher priority to get booked.  


There’s no set time to wait in between booking each one of these vendors and you don’t have to go one by one, just be sure not to overload. The key is to book your venuefirst because that will dictate the date, time and location, which is key information to know for booking all other vendors. It’s also helpful if you have an idea of guest count before reaching out to vendors so you can get accurate estimates. 

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Photo Credit: Nancy Lempesis Photography