With any part of wedding planning, there are always mistakes to be made. Hopefully you will learn from the past mistakes of others and not make the same ones! Check out these mistakes to avoid when it comes to your non-wedding day vendor team. 


1.Picking bridal party attire before having the bride’s dress.

Your wedding gown will set the style for the rest of the day’s attire. The formality and style of the bride’s dress will affect the formality and style of the groom and bridal party so don’t make any decisions before purchasing the bride’s gown!


2.Sending other wedding weekend event invites first.

Since the wedding is the “main attraction” it should be the first invitation sent. Also, if someone gets another event’s invite before the wedding invite, it could create confusion.


3.Buying wedding day paper goods before count is finalized.

You won’t know how many tables you need numbers for or how many people you will need programs for until your guest count is finalized. Save yourself some money and headache and just wait until you have final numbers.


4.Not setting a budget

When it comes to non-wedding day vendors, those costs can add up quickly. They also might not have been things you had originally thought about in your initial budget. When it comes time to purchase these items, check your budget, see what you have left to work with and create a budget for each of these so things don’t get out of hand. 

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Photo Credit: Jessie Modlin Photography