Times are weird. All the old rules (well, at least most of them) have gone out the window. Including the rules of registry and gift giving. As a couple should you still expect gifts? What if you have two parties? As guests, if you were uninvited do you still give a gift? Here are some basic rules both couples and guests can follow when it comes to gift giving during the times of Corona weddings.


  1. Follow Guidance

If you are a couple, make sure you provide some sort of guidance, even if you don’t want gifts from a traditional registry. Let your guests know how they can celebrate you instead – whether that’s donations to your favorite charity or taking a COVID test before coming to your wedding.


If you are a guest, follow the couple’s guidance. They picked out those items because they want them, or they picked out that charity because it means something to them. Sure, they’ll appreciate your sentiment even if you don’t buy them something off their registry, but they’ll appreciate it even more if you do.


  1. Big or Small, Get a Gift

Some show of support and celebration is better than none. Recognize that even if you were uninvited, you understand the circumstances and still want to celebrate the couple. No one will judge you for spending less than you originally planned, especially during these times.


As a couple this means to keep items in all different price ranges available on your registry.


  1. Check Back on the Registry

Speaking of registries, as the couple you should make sure you are keeping your registry stocked and up to date, especially if you are having two celebrations. As a guest, if there’s nothing in your price range currently available, check back, you never know when the couple is going to update it.


  1. Prepare to Gift Twice

As a guest, whether you were once invited and no longer are or you’re invited twice, once now and once next year, it’s good practice to always give a gift. If you were planning to spend $50, maybe buy a $25 gift this year and a $25 gift next year.


As a couple, this goes back to rule number 3. Make sure you keep your registry updated throughout the course of your wedding events.


  1. Don’t Feel Guilty

Whether you are the couple feeling guilty about asking for gifts during this time or a guest feeling guilty that you only spent X amount of money on a gift, don’t. As a couple, it’s your time to be celebrated and showered with gifts and Corona shouldn’t change how you feel about that. And like we said, you don’t have to stick to a traditional registry, you can come up with some pretty thoughtful alternatives. As a guest, the couple will understand. They’ve had to change things, too. Any sort of thought or sentiment from you will be appreciated. 


Photo credit: Stag and Sparrow