Most every wedding weekend will consist of standard wedding events like the ceremony and reception on wedding day and the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the day before. However, those aren’t the only events that can be a part of wedding weekend. Maybe after the reception you want to keep the party going. That’s when an after party comes into play!



Since the after party is a more casual event, there’s no real guest list for it. It’s kind of just a “whoever is still left going” will go kind of thing. Likely at that point in the night, it will probably just be the younger crowd, but you never know maybe Aunt Sally and Uncle Bob can hang with the best of them!



An after party is pretty self-explanatory, it is a party... after the first party! Sometimes people do after parties because they are night owls and like to party early into the morning; sometimes a venue will require you end your reception earlier than you may have wanted so you find an alternative spot to continue partying. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no real reason for an after party aside from the fact that you don’t want the night to end, because I mean who really wants their wedding to be over?!


With it being a more casual, open invitation event there is no expectation for the after party to be paid for. However, if you get a private room at a bar and have some money to spare, late night snacks are always a good idea!



There’s really only one time an after party will take place and that’s immediately following the reception.



There are a few places you could host an after party. First, you could stay at your venue. You’d have to discuss this with them as many wedding venues have noise restrictions past a certain time that bars and hotels don’t have. If you look elsewhere, look for a place close to where most of your guests (and you!) are staying. Maybe even the hotel you all stay in has a bar you can go to. 


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