Most every wedding weekend will consist of standard wedding events like the ceremony and reception on wedding day and the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the day before. However, those aren’t the only events that can be a part of wedding weekend. A lot of the time, there is a brunch the morning after the wedding because I mean who doesn’t want to keep things going with a mimosa or two?!



Compared to the other events, the guest list for a brunch is usually a little smaller. It’s generally kept to family and sometimes out-of-town guests. Not to say you can’t include anyone and everyone, but typically it’s more of a family-centered event. 



Brunch is usually a way to say farewell to all your family and closest friends. It gives you a little extra time to soak in some time with people you might not get to see that often. It also gives your family a chance to see you off before you leave on your honeymoon.


Traditionally, the brunch is hosted by the bride’s family, but it could also be hosted by the couple or another close family member. It can be as formal as a country club brunch with an open bar to as casual as the hotel’s brunch to as laid back as bagels and orange juice at your own house. As with most events, it really depends on the budget and vibe you are going for. 



If you plan to have a brunch, it would be the morning after the wedding. Just be sure not to plan it too early; you’ll need enough time to recover from what was hopefully an epic night beforehand!



Like we touched on, where you plan to host a brunch is dependent on the style you are going for and your budget. An easy option would be at the hotel you and most of your guests are staying at the night before. If the hotel can’t accommodate you, look for a nearby restaurant that has a brunch offering. Or, you can always host it at your house or the home of an in-town family member who is willing to host. If you have it at your house, just make sure you put someone else in charge of set up, because that will be the last thing on your mind the morning after your wedding!


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