Most every wedding weekend will consist of standard wedding events like the ceremony and reception on wedding day and the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the day before. However, those aren’t the only events that can be a part of the wedding weekend. Sometimes, to kick things off there is a welcome party. What exactly is that? We’ll tell you!



There are essentially two ways you can create an invite list for a welcome party. First, you can invite everyone (of course!) or alternatively, you can invite just those who traveled from out of town plus family and wedding party. Your guest list, as usual, really depends on your budget and your venue



A welcome party is exactly as it sounds, it is a party where you have the chance to welcome all your guests. That’s why sometimes it is just for out of town guests. It’s likely that you might not have a lot of time on wedding day to spend with these guests, so this gives you the opportunity to do that. 


The party can be as formal as a dinner event to as casual as drinks at a local brewery to as low key as a mix and mingle in your own backyard. It really just depends on what feel you want for the event and of course, the budget. Even if you don’t have a budget for the event, pick a designated place for everyone to meet (we still recommend talking to a venue first, so they can expect a large crowd) and let it be a thing where everyone picks up their own tab. 



Most commonly, a welcome party is after the rehearsal dinner and is more of a come grab drinks to say hello kind of thing. Sometimes if the rehearsal dinner guest list is extensive, it becomes more of a welcome party and sometimes there’s even a Thursday night welcome party before the rehearsal events begin. Since it’s a newer event to the scene, it can be whatever you want to make of it!



The location for a welcome party depends on the vibe you want and when you plan to have it. If you plan to have it right after the rehearsal dinner, it’s easy to do it at the same venue. If the venue’s not big enough, look for a location close to where most of your guestsare staying. If it’s a separate night, then places like a brewery, your favorite neighborhood bar, your country club or even you own backyard are great places. 


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