Refresh the Wedding Cake Tradition With New Dessert Options

When the word wedding comes to mind it is followed by, white dress, sparkly ring and a big wedding cake. That isn’t so much the case anymore; we are seeing more and more brides opt out of the traditional tiered wedding cake and opt in to more quirky dessert options. 

Sure, no wedding is complete until the cake is cut, but lately we’ve seen more dessert options than just wedding cake. While most (older) guests will still look forward to seeing the cake cut, it doesn’t mean you have to get a full, multi-tiered wedding cake. Cake not your favorite dessert but still want to take part in the cutting tradition? Go with a small one-tier cutting cake and a dessert display with one of these quirky options instead!



Cupcakes are like your own personal sized cakes! They are a great size, you don’t have to worry about a caterer cutting slices too big or too small. They come in tons of different flavors too! Try mini cupcakes for something a little more unique. Display cupcakes on trays, boxes, platters – the options are endless!



Whoever thought donuts were just a breakfast thing were way wrong. Nothing beats a donut after a long night out on the dance floor! There are regular donuts, donut holes and even mini donuts, not to mention all the different flavors you can get, too. Display the donuts in a donut tower or on a peg holed wall for something super creative! Set out some to-go bags for guests to take them with them as a favor. 



Having a less formal wedding? Maybe a little more rustic? Get pie for dessert! You can do full sized pies in different flavors or do them in individual jars for each guest. We always love when dessert can double as a favor!



Is there a famous family cookie recipe that you’ve always loved? Incorporating that into your wedding dessert display would add such a sweet personalized touch. Maybe you are just a real life cookie monster and want a cookie display! Either way, it’s another dessert option that if set out with some to-go bags can double as a favor. A single cookie and milk shooter can also be tray passed by your caterer as a cute late night snack.


Mini bites

Just have a sweet tooth in general but not in love with one particular option? Opt for a variety! From mini brownie bite to mini lemon bars, mini cookies to mini cupcakes, almost any dessert can be made snack size and would be adorable on a dessert display.


Candy Bar

Maybe you are more of a candy guy or gal. Find a variety of different glass apothecary jars, buy some scoops and create your own candy bar! Or enhance your current dessert display or cookies or cupcakes with a few jars of your favorite candy. It is another great way to tie in a personalized touch.


Still not sold and feeling tied to the traditional tiered wedding cake? There are ways to make the traditional feel new. Try a naked cake instead, a hanging cake for a super cool design element or choose exciting cake flavors that are different in each tier so there is a variety like lemon with raspberry filling in the spring or spice cake with cream cheese filling in the fall! The possibilities are truly endless.


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Photo Credit: Ariel Kaitlin Photography