If you’ve made it all the way through wedding planning and realized the week of your wedding that you forgot to consider vendor tips, here are a few easy (low-cost!) ways to say thank you to your vendors. 


Coffee Shop Gift Card

Trust us, all wedding vendors live on coffee. A gift card to a coffee shop is always a safe go-to. Bonus points if it’s a local coffee shop that you know they love!



Every single vendor relies on positive reviews to continue to stay in business. There is nothing quite like a good review to brighten a wedding vendor’s day. And bonus points for you because it won’t cost you a penny!


Something Location Specific

This could go a few different ways. Maybe you planned your wedding from afar and want to gift your vendors something from your hometown. Or maybe you planned a true destination wedding and want to treat your traveling vendors to a local gift. Either way, it’s a gift that feels personal and special. 


Personalized Gift

Buying your vendor something personalized shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift. You could get a monogrammed traveling cup, tote bag or a personalized planner. 


Baby Gift

If any of your wedding vendors are expecting, you could always say thank you with a baby gift. It shows extra thought that you considered a gift for the personal side of their life.  


Spa/Nail Salon Gift Card

All vendors could use a little extra pampering, so treat them to it. Get a gift card to their local spa or nail salon. 


Handwritten Note

If all else fails, there’s nothing quite like a handwritten thank you note. You’d be surprised how much something so simple can mean to a vendor. There’s nothing quite like it. 


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Photo courtesy of [vetted] Jackson & June