After you’ve narrowed in on your photography style and what you are looking for, you will probably have a few proposals to sift through. So, what should you be looking for and comparing in each proposal? Husband and wife photography team, Samantha and Matt of Samantha Laffoon Photography tells us just that!


Additional Sessions

Find out what is included and what is an additional charge in the way of additional photo sessions, like an engagement session or bridal session. Extra sessions like these are a great way to start getting comfortable in front of the camera and bond with your photographer.


“You should definitely have an engagement session included,” said Samantha and Matt. “It is really important to have that to connect with your photographer, create that relationship and that trust because that's going to create really real moments.”


Sometimes extra sessions are included in the cost of the package and sometimes they are an additional fee. Rehearsal dinner coverage can also sometimes be an additional session added. 


Length of Coverage

An average photography package usually includes eight hours of coverage. Depending on the timing for the day, this can be enough. Think about your big moments and decide if that’s enough for you. If your reception ends at 10 p.m., work backwards. With eight hours, coverage would start by 2 p.m. Does that give you enough time for the pictures you want beforehand?


Number of Shooters

While it’s common for photography packages to include two shooters, don’t assume anything. Make sure you check the package to see what’s included. Unless you are having a more intimate wedding or an elopement, it’s best to have two photographers.


“I think two photographers is always the best way to go because no moments will be missed and you can kind of divide and conquer and be in different parts of the day at the same time,” the Laffoons explain. 


Think about the day, are there two things going on at once? Are there family pictureshappening during cocktail hour? If the answer to the question is yes, you should have two photographers. Otherwise how will one person capture both things at the same time?


Albums and Prints

Sometimes photography packages will include albums and prints, sometimes they won’t. Most higher tier packages will, but it is something you should check on. If they are included, check on the details like how many and what sizes. For albums who selects the layout and pictures included?


Rights and Deliverables

Last but not least, check the fine print about rights to the photos and deliverables. This means what your ownership is to the photos and what the final product will be. Pay attention to how photos will be delivered and how many. Will you have access and rights to everything or only a limited number of photos? If you aren’t sure what the fine print and jargon all means, simply ask. Better to understand and know for sure!

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About this week’s guests: Samantha and Matt from Samantha Laffoon Photography are a husband-wife team specializing in natural-light photography. They began their business in 2012 after moving to Charlotte, NC. They strive to connect with their couples to build trust, which allows for the most real emotion and intimate moments. Learn more HERE.