There’s no question that you want a good photographer, that’s why you’re using a Bustld vetted vendor! But how do you define a good photographer? Well, it all depends on what kind of style you like! You may think one photographer is good and another is not simply because they have different styles. You may like one style and not the other. Not sure what those styles are? Perhaps you can point out which pictures you like but aren’t sure how to refer to the style. We are here to help figure out which style is right for you! 


This style of shooting is often bright and airy. Lighting is very important, so a wedding with a lot of natural light is great for this style. Pictures will be soft and whimsical. Natural and soft.


Again, lighting is key for this style but in a different sense. This style will use lighting to show contrast. Colors will be very vivid, and shots are sharper.


As it sounds, this is a very traditional way to shoot that focuses mostly on the people and posed shots. It is a little more what you see is what you get, and editing is limited to keep a natural focus on the people.

Story Telling

This is a way of capturing photographs. Rather than posed shots, this style captures photos in a more candid way. Shooting is more spontaneous. This style is also often referred to as candid and photojournalism. 


This approach to photographer is less of a style and more of a way of shooting. When you work with a film photographer, your photos are shot on, well, film, rather than digitally. This means your pictures have a little more of a nostalgic and vintage look to them. 

Fine Art / Fashion 

The focus for this style is to turn your photographs into a piece of art. It won’t necessarily piece together for an exact retelling of your wedding day story, but it will offer a more creative and artistic view for your pictures. 

Sure, style is important when you are looking for a photographer, but don’t forget to consider these other key things to make the right pick for your vendor team!

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