With engagement season in full swing there are a lot of couples out there with a special sparkly ring on their mind. You’ll be wearing that ring for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure it’s the perfect one–just like your soon-to-be fiancé!


Should we go together?

When it comes to ring shopping, it’s really all about personal preference whether you should go together or let your soon-to-be fiancé go themselves. If you are super picky about the type of ring you want or want to see your options, then it would probably be best to go together. If you want to be completely surprised and would rather not know, let your soon-to-be fiancé handle it.


If you want to be surprised, but still want to have a little say in what the ring looks like there are a few ways to make sure your opinion is considered! You can subtly hint to your soon-to-be fiancé what kind of ring you like and send them your Pinterest boardor you can also send your best friend or sister on the job and make sure they coordinate with your soon-to-be fiancé. On the other hand, another alternative is to go ring shopping together to see what you like, but don’t pick out an actual ring. After your visit together, let your partner go back on their own time and surprise you with a ring they pick themselves.


How do I get sized?

If you goring shopping together, that’s easy. They’ll size you while you are shopping. This way it’s guaranteed the ring with fit. If not, it may take some detective work on behalf of your partner. They will either have to work with the jeweler on a guess or find a way to steal a ring from your jewelry box and bring it to the jeweler to measure. Don’t worry though, if the ring doesn’t fit, you can always have it resized.


How much should I spend?

There used to be a rule along the lines of two or three months’ worthof your salary, but times are changing and there’s really no set rule now. It’s more important that you make a decision to spend what you feel is appropriate and whatyou can actually afford. Don’t try to overextend yourself but also remember this is something that will be worn and kept forever. Also, remember you have a wedding you are budgeting for!


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