Trying to decide what dinner service style is best for your wedding? First, think through the formality of your event. Then consider your timeline and floor plan, as well as any limitations that those may present for your selection. Finally, you will need to consider your budget. 


We have the low down on the top five catering styles for your wedding. Take a look then check out vetted caterers for your day by clicking here.



The most traditional wedding dinner service. Servers will bring dinner to each guest which has a more formal feel to it. Guests will all eat at the same time and there will be less wasted food. Plated dinners tend to be more costly due to the staff needed to execute service and may take longer. 



A more traditional wedding dinner option, buffets offer variety at a (generally) less expensive price. Guests can customize their dinner plate to their liking and dinner service tends to move quicker. However, guests will be served at different times (some could finish before others even make their way to the buffet) which can create down time in the evening. Guests must also wait in line and serve themselves.



Stations are a fun and unique alternative to the more traditional styles of wedding catering. They create a mix and mingle type atmosphere at weddings. If you have a tight reception timeline, this can be a great option as you can open the dance floor while people eat from station to station. It is also the most customizable dinner service, since you can mix and match foods that don’t always go together across different stations. However, you also need to consider space – stations take up more of your floor planthan other options. This can also be a pricier option since you will need more food and chef attendants. 


Food Trucks

This is a fun trend that we hope is here to stay! It can be a great way to customize your wedding menu for a more casual affair. However, if you are on a tight timetable, food trucks may not be the best option since they do take longer to feed all of your guests than a traditional style of service. Similar to a buffet, your guests will go to the truck to order their food and serve themselves. Logistically, you will want to consider how guests will order the food, where the truck will be placed and if there is any cover for rain.



Another trendier dinner service, family-style is as if the guests were at your home for dinner. It has a more intimate feel as guests pass dishes around to make their own plates. This gives similar flexibility as a buffet or stations for picky eaters. However, you do need to consider the extra room on the table for all the bowls/platters, extra rentals needed for service and the need for more food which can drive up cost.


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